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Psychotherapy For Men: Why It’s Important And How To Find Care

Men are typically not conditioned to talk about their emotions. They're more of the 'let's just fix it ourselves' type. Often, this creates a roadblock to their emotional well-being. Even if they don't want to admit it, they can only resolve hindrances to their success if they acknowledge and figure out their emotions.

Often, men will say that discussing emotions is a sign of weakness. But many therapists laud guys who seek help in fixing problems in this arena. And for many therapists, this is a sign of strength.

In 2020, about 11.3% of American men sought the help of therapists for mental health treatment and counseling. It was already an increase compared to a decade ago when only about 9.5% of men considered therapy. This number shows that, gradually, men are open to discussing their mental health issues. Psychotherapy is crucial for everyone's mental state, regardless of gender.

Psychotherapy For Men

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, also called counseling or talk therapy, is a treatment to help manage mental health conditions. It's a way to treat problematic thoughts, behaviors, or feelings that affect an individual's daily life. The goal is to develop healthier habits to cope with what's holding you back from feeling and being your best. When searching for a therapist to help you, it would be best to try providers with diverse psychotherapy. Some facilities specialize in depression, anger management, anxiety, couples therapy, and grief and loss.

Why Is Psychotherapy Important For Men?

Men don't feel the need to address bottled-up feelings because they feel that doing so increases their vulnerability. And this presents a very challenging scenario. Most men who try to control their emotions by shutting them down and forgetting about them typically resort to violence. There have been incidents where guys channel their frustrations through alcohol and drugs.

Another scary scenario is men's tendency to expose themselves to high-risk behaviors, which can often be fatal. At times, they could resort to aggression and murderous behavior. Such is the case of Ed Gein, the touted butcher of Plainfield who was featured in the movie Unhinged

Many thought it was a work of fiction but were surprised to learn that it was a shocking true story of a husband who lost his job and at the same time got divorced by his wife, who was seeing another man. Such situations can push a man to get deranged and commit horrendous acts. Other cases and conditions that need psychotherapy are:

  • Issues with sexuality  
  • Problems with career  
  • Problems with self-esteem  
  • Marital problems  
  • Health problems  
  • Grieving and loss  
  • Parenting difficulties  

How To Find Psychotherapy For Men?

Today, many facilities and organizations can help men overcome their mental health issues, but the important thing is to acknowledge that they need help. Once they have admitted this, they can proceed to the next step, which is being open to accepting mental health assistance from an organization like Michigan Psychological Care.

If you're looking for help to better your outlook on life, you must find organizations that offer psychotherapy. How? Read on for the insight.

Psychotherapy For Men

Through Health Insurance

If you wish to pay for the therapy through your insurance, you must check their accredited list and pick it there. Your insurance has a vast network of doctors and facilities that you can choose from. But, you may need to verify the number of sessions you can attend per year and if they will recognize and shoulder the cost if you seek services outside their network.

Searching Online

It's almost secondary for everyone to search for anything online, including therapists. It would be a great way since most therapists who have a reliable website also have reviews published, so you can check if they could be somebody who can help you just like what they have advertised. With everything online, you can find a therapist who can meet your mental health needs.

Asking Someone You Trust

You may know someone who has previously sought mental health assistance. So, it's best to ask someone who has had psychotherapy sessions before since they would have had first-hand experience with a particular psychotherapy provider.

A referral from someone you know personally would be a great help. Make sure this is somebody you have known for a long time and not just a social media acquaintance, lest you want to expose your problem to the world.

Pastor’s Recommendation

If you're a religious person who constantly seeks your pastor's advice, they may refer you to a therapist. Most pastors have a list of therapists in their address book for situations beyond their spiritual capabilities. 

The essential thing to remember is that you have the option to speak to the therapist over the phone first before you can meet with them in person. This way, you can assess if you're comfortable before sharing your problems and concerns with them.


Therapy is just as important to men as it is to women. Allowing emotions to take hold of your life is unhealthy and could affect your relationship with other people. As a man, seeking the help of a therapist is not a sign of weakness. If at all, it's a very courageous act, and being honest with yourself and not denying that you need help is a sign of hope.