Problems That Can Cause Residential Water Damage
August 18, 2022

Problems That Can Cause Residential Water Damage

Owning a home can be extremely challenging at times. One of the main things you will need to get familiar with as a homeowner is dealing with repair issues. As your home starts to age, the number of repair issues you encounter will grow.

Dealing with the damage caused by a plumbing repair or leaking roof can be a daunting task. Water damage is extremely hard to fix. If you want to avoid the cost and aggravation associated with residential water damage, you need to work on staying one step ahead of this problem.

Below are some common causes of residential water damage and what you can do to prevent them.

Water Damage

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Plumbing System Leaks

Water damage accounts for nearly 29 percent of all homeowners insurance claims filed in the United States annually. One of the most common causes of home water damage is plumbing components. Over time, metal plumbing pipes will start to rust. Eventually, this rust will eat a hole into plumbing pipes and they will start to leak water.

Other causes of plumbing system leaks include:

  •       Broken water connectors
  •       High water pressure
  •       Leaking pipe joints
  •       Extreme temperature

Generally, you will be presented with many warning signs when plumbing system leaks are present. The faster you take action after these warning signs are noticed, the easier it will be to avoid extensive water damage. Allowing an experienced water damage restoration company to diagnose and fix your issues is crucial when trying to ensure no mistakes are made.

A Malfunctioning HVAC System

The main job of a residential HVAC unit is to remove humidity and moisture from the air. When this moisture is removed, it is directed into the overflow pan. The overflow pan will then take this water outside and away from the interior portion of your home. If the condensate line attached to your overflow pan gets clogged, it can lead to significant water damage occurring.

When the condensate line is backed up, the water from your overflow pan will start to collect in the interior vents. This will result in water leaking from your ceiling and onto your walls. If you want to avoid problems with your overflow pan and condensate drain, then investing in routine professional HVAC maintenance is a wise move. During this maintenance procedure, a technician will inspect and clean these components if needed.

Water Damage

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An Overflowing Septic Tank

When you flush a drain or empty a sink, the water will go into a septic tank. Over time, your septic tank will become filled with wastewater and will have to be cleaned. If multiple drains in your home are clogged, this is a tell-tale sign that your septic tank is full.

Failing to get your septic tank cleaned after this warning sign surfaces can result in extensive water damage. Working with an experienced plumber is the best way to get your septic tank cleaned correctly.

By staying one step ahead of the problems mentioned here, you can avoid residential water damage.