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Planning to Renew Vows? A Few Tips to Make it Memorable

If you are looking to renew your marriage vows after years of staying in a loving marriage, then why not? After all, it is worth the celebration. A vow renewal is like a marriage ceremony but much more intimate than that. The first time you got married, everything seemed new and uncertain. A vow renewal is so much more special than your marriage, as you celebrate the love that will last forever. Hence, let us help you make it really special for you by suggesting a few tips below.

1. Keep It Intimate:

At your marriage party, you must have already invited a lot of guests, you need not do it again this time. This is a really intimate moment, hence only invite your closest friends and family as you would love to share this moment with them. Too many people will only cause more distractions and responsibilities, which you should avoid.

2. Plan a Short Trip After the Ceremony:

You should definitely take the good ideas from your marriage such as honeymoon later. The idea of renewing vows is excellent, but you should also plan on spending some time together. Take a vacation, just the two of you, to rekindle your love for each other.

3. Pick Your Outfit:

You do not need to get an expensive, elaborate wedding dress. You can always go for something simpler. Having said that, if you would still like to dress up for the occasion, that is entirely your choice. A very romantic idea would be to wear your original wedding outfits. If you need to resize it, then that can quickly be done. This would become an emotional moment for both of you.

4. Write Your Vows:

The entire idea is to renew vows. Your original vows must have been very different, and now, after living together for years, there must be so many nice things to say and more promises to make. This is the highlight of the evening, which is why to spend a good time writing your vows. This should be entirely personal. Do not share this with your spouse to surprise them completely.

5. Get a New Wedding Ring:

Obviously, you can use the same ring, but why not add another ring just as a reminder of this occasion. Also, many people marry young and cannot afford expensive rings. If you could not give your other half a nice ring during your wedding, this is the time to actually surprise them with a beautiful and well-deserved wedding ring. After all, wedding rings are an intrinsic part of the entire marriage, which you should be well thought of.

The Bottom Line:

Renewing vows is not something every married couple can do. It is a big thing that your love has lasted this long. There is no timeline and you can do it after 10 years of being married or just 5. If you feel your relationship has endured a lot of hardship and still holds strong, it is time to celebrate and you should do it for sure.