Places Where Customized Ribbons Can Be Used
August 24, 2021

Places Where Customized Ribbons Can Be Used

Where can customized ribbons be used? There are many places where custom ribbons can be put to use. Corporate giving, creative decoration, customized woven lanyards for sale, dressing giveaways, and branded decoration are just a few of the possibilities. In this article, we will cover some of these places in depth so that you, too, can find new ways to use personalized ribbons in your life or business!

Corporate Giving

It's been shown time and again that people love receiving gifts. Think outside of the box when you need to find a gift for the hard-to-shop-for person on your list. Consider personalized ribbon because it can be used in so many different ways. It's also economical and can allow you to present something both valuable and attractive. As the pandemic took hold, the time-honored tradition of corporate gifting has taken on new significance.

Companies have been sending swag to attendee homes. Keep your gifts and giveaways from going unnoticed this year with custom-printed ribbon! Printed with the company's logo, monogram, or slogan in up to four colors on various materials and styles, a personalized custom printed ribbon is an exclusive way to convey a message that customers will appreciate. In this way, digitally remote participants can more fully immerse themselves in the experience.

Consequently, a ribbon can also be designed in custom-printed ribbon but also offers event-related items like lanyards and wristbands for registration and badging, shoelaces for road races, and pet collars and leashes for pet-themed events.

Creative Decoration

What are some do-it-yourself ways to make any event feel more special? Dressing up a space with a personalized ribbon can go a long way.

You might also try using a personalized ribbon to dress up your display. Personalization gives the celebrated people an added sense of belonging and appreciation, whether they're employees at an office party or the bride and groom at a wedding. The ribbon is a hugely versatile event supply.

Use personalized ribbons to tie bows and drape fabric or tulle around the edges to dress up furniture. Ribbons can be used anywhere you need to tie up an object and make it look fancy, such as tying up utensils for a family picnic or holding together the bride's bouquet on her wedding day. A personalized custom printed ribbon can help bring any theme to life.


A lanyard is a common form of ID for many different businesses. Just as face masks are ever-present, personalized ribbons can be found in many different places. Customized ribbons with your logo are a time-tested way to make certain everyday objects more memorable.

A company that does not use full uniforms can benefit from personalized custom printed ribbons.

Personalized ribbons make it easy for customers to know who is an employee, and they can also be used as decoration. When employees don't have many face-to-face customer interactions, accessories with your company logo can help keep team morale high.

Face masks might not be a commonplace practice forever personalized ribbon comes in endless possibilities for your company presentation that you can use and is perfect for any event.

Dressing Giveaways

Plenty of businesses give things away free; however, these "freebies" come with a price.

The trait of trying to get something for nothing is embedded deeply in the human psyche. Businesses will often spend extra money on giveaways for their customers if they know it will positively impact the business. For many corporations, giving away free items sparks an emotional response from customers.

One of the biggest problems with giveaways is making sure your recipients know where they came from. Personalized ribbon can be used in a wide variety of applications, providing the opportunity to make that vital connection.

Businesses can provide personalized ribbons at giveaway events or incorporate them into corporate gifts. If you're giving away items without branding, then a ribbon tied around them can work wonders; personalized ribbons can make much out of it. Not only is it optional for tying up gift bags, but you can also make elaborate, memorable bows on gifts with personalized ribbons.

Branded Decoration

So if you don't want to work in a place that has streamers and balloons all the time, personalized ribbons could be just what you need. You can still use personalized ribbons to decorate. What other purposes are there for them?

A great way to use ribbon is to garnish a Christmas tree or make a custom scarf for decorative figurines. Alternatives to personalized ribbons include making wreaths, using them like a chandelier, and decoration.

Some potential places for personalized ribbon decorations include customer-facing areas, which can uncover valuable branding opportunities. You can use personalized ribbon to decorate a window, waiting area at your hospital, or the space for customer consultations in your store.


As you can see, there are several ways to show your flair with customized ribbons. The key is finding the one that suits you best and using it in all sorts of creative ways for an even more personalized look! Personalized ribbons are a great way to spice up your next event. Whether you're holding an anniversary party, bridal shower, or just want to bring some extra color into your life and wardrobe, a personalized ribbon can be used for many purposes.