Picking The Best Venue for Your Wedding: What to Think About
August 30, 2021

Picking The Best Venue for Your Wedding: What to Think About

Getting married is a super exciting time for everyone involved. From the food to the party and celebrating love, there’s something for everyone! There are so many things to consider when you’re getting married, and one element that holds particular importance is the venue. Where you choose to get married sets the scene for your special day and shapes how you celebrate with family and friends. 

This decision sounds like a lot of pressure, and honestly, it is. But we’re here to help guide you through picking the best venue for your wedding. Let’s get started.

Dream Big!

Firstly, you should remember that you can never dream too big! When you first start thinking about the venue for your wedding, let your imagination run wild. Envision your dream wedding venue, no matter how big or small to help you start narrowing down your options. It could give you a great idea for an unorthodox or creative wedding venue.


Whether you have a casual, loose idea in mind for your big day or a specific theme, your venue can make a big difference. For example, if you want to throw a rustic, natural wedding then venues such as barns and farms could be what you want. On the other hand, those looking for an elegant, luxury bash could look to hotels to host your wedding.


Depending on how long the guest list is, capacity could also dictate where you have your wedding. You need to make sure that whatever venue you opt for has the right amount of space for your wedding party. While you definitely don’t want to book a place too large for an intimate event, you also don’t want to have to squeeze a lot of people into a tight venue.


Next, it’s all about location! Where you choose to get married has to be considered because of the travel requirements of your wedding. If you want most of your guests to be able to get to the party by car, then you’ll be limited to local venues. However, say you’re having a small wedding where everyone is willing to travel, you could even celebrate your nuptials overseas!

Another thing to consider when it comes to location is whether there are good transport links or accommodation for those traveling in from farther afield. If you want to have a more rural wedding, then you’ll likely need to arrange accommodation for yourself too. In case you are planning you wedding on a budget, go for a backyard wedding. That way all you need to pay for are tables, chairs, and towable toilet rental houston to accommodate your guests' needs.


Many wedding venues come with catering packages, and if you’re looking for a specific cuisine or have a dream caterer in mind, then remember to factor that in when looking for venues. If your venue doesn’t have catering services, you also need to work out whether the venue can facilitate an external catering service. 


Lastly, what is a wedding without entertainment? When it comes to your party after the ceremony, the venue you choose has to have the right equipment and amenities to set up the entertainment, whether it’s a live band or DJ. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you narrow down your choice of a wedding venue so you can choose the perfect place to celebrate your love.