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Need Something Extra to Spice up Your Sex Life?

There's no shame in admitting that you could use some help spicing up your sex life. After all, even the best things in life can grow stale with repetition. So, here, we're going to talk about the supposed taboo...the tips of the trade so to speak that will help add a little something extra into your intimate moments. 


If you've never brought sex toys into your bedroom, it's high time you did! And actually, you're probably in the minority, as a recent survey indicated that 65% of all adult women owned some sort of sex toy. While the most popular toy is a vibrator, it's certainly not the only option available to consumers these days. Whether you're looking for a toy to enjoy alone or with a partner, numerous options could satisfy men and women alike. If you've never used toys, you may feel awkward talking about them with your partner. Don't be shy! There's nothing to be ashamed about. Reassure your partner you're not looking to replace them, and there's nothing wrong with what they're already doing. Instead, you're just looking to add some extra fun to the mix. 


If going into an adult store leaves you feeling a bit leery, try pulling up an online store such as Cirilla's adult toys to view the options available. Read about the various toys, including vibrators, rubber dildos, anal plugs, blindfolds, and restraints. See what draws the most reaction from your partner and interests you as well. Try some of the less expensive toys, to begin with, so as to test the waters so to speak. You don't want to spend a lot of money on a toy you're not sure of, to begin with. Once you discover where your sexual interests lie, you can put more money into the objects of interest. 

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Besides the most obvious benefit of mind-blowing orgasms, toys can have many benefits to the users. 

  • Improves sexual satisfaction - Experts note that whether it's from masturbation or joint sex, your sex life satisfaction is bound to grow with the introduction of sex toys. 
  • Increases self-confidence - If you're shy about your body or even about sexual prowess, toys can help you step outside your comfort zone. They allow you to become uninhibited and explore different body parts. 
  • Relationship satisfaction - By exploring toys and their enjoyment together, couples are more likely to be satisfied with each other and their relationship as a whole. 

As a rule, incorporating sex toys can reduce sexual boredom, reduce the urge to cheat, and facilitate communication within a relationship. 

If you've never brought sex toys into your bedroom, it's high time you did according to!


Take a deep breath and remember, buying sex toys is no big deal. Adults do it all the time and there's nothing wrong with it. In fact, there's tons of "right" with it. It's completely "normal" to want to experiment with various toys with someone you love and trust. And there's nothing abnormal about the need to use a toy to achieve a better orgasm. When you go to talk with your partner about it, don't make it a huge production. It's not like you're asking them to play with toys for you; it's a mutually beneficial fun activity. There are no rules about how long you're supposed to be together before introducing toys or a right time to bring it up.  In the words of a famous sneaker brand, "just do it."