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Moving 101: 5 Qualities Of A Reliable Moving Company For Your House Move

If you’re considering making a house move for yourself or for your family, then congratulations! A house move is a great way to open a new chapter in your life - be it for better schooling, greater work opportunities, or to be in a better neighborhood in general. Thing is, moving is not exactly as easy as packing and unpacking things, as well as transporting them to your new home. Rather, there’s a ton more obligations involving a house move. Thankfully, you don’t necessarily have to deal with your house move alone. In fact, professionals such as Mayflower moving company may be the right partners for your house move.

Thanks to movers, you can handle more complicated aspects of house moves. These include submitting required documents, buying packing materials, managing inventories, and other relevant matters. However, with the many kinds of moving companies available out there, just what kind of movers should you get? More importantly, what qualities of reliable moving companies should you get? Here are some things to consider:

  • Professional and licensed for operations. One of the key signs you should look for when it comes to movers is if they’re professionally-trained and licensed to operate in the first place. This is a given, of course, but it doesn’t hurt to be helpful - especially if you’re asking them to handle your move to another state or another region. Remember, some states and areas may require specific licenses and certification from your movers, which is something you need to ensure they have. Moreover, your movers need to be insured to make sure that you’re covered should something happen throughout the moving process. 
  • Flexible payment methods and options. One of the signs of a great moving team is being able to provide you with a number of flexible payment options, as this is a great way of maximizing your overall budget. Thanks to flexible payment methods - be it as a one-time only payment, an hourly pay, or even using your inventory’s weight as a basis - you can at least try to ensure that your budget won’t get compromised with the overall moving process. It’s important to also ensure that they give you estimates with all other “additional” fees, as unreliable companies often provide “surprise” fees at the end of their overall service.
  • Punctual and on point with services. Another important quality for movers companies is that they’re punctual and on point when it comes to doing the services you’ve hired them for. They don’t delay necessary work, and they’re always there when you need them. You should remember that you’re conducting a house move on your watch, so you and your movers have to be present at the agreed times and places you’ve set in your respective contracts. If there are any surprise delays, a reliable moving company will be able to tell you these things in advance. Moreover, moving companies should be able to be on point when it comes to giving out quotations and estimates - not just in budget, but also in their estimated timetables and necessary scheduling factors when it comes to helping you with your particular moving needs. 
  • Accommodating your needs through various service options. Granted, most house movers can help you with the packing, unpacking, and transportation needs related to your house move. However, you might want to consider house movers with a wide variety of options for your specific moving needs. For instance, movers such as White Glove Moving Service can actually help you out with more specialized moving needs - such as local moves, long-distance moves, and even storage services. Knowing that your moving team can handle other complicated moving services can help you get the most out of what you’re paying to them.
  • Accessible and easy to reach thanks to customer service. A great moving company is a team with a reliable and accessible communications system. You should be able to reach them at any point during the moving process, especially if they’re actively handling something related to the move. You can usually determine this based on how responsive and attending their customer service team is, and how knowledgeable they are with regards to your specific needs. Polite, respectful, and accommodating customer service is always a sign of great work ethic. 

House Moves With A Moving Company: Choose The Right Team For You

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that you can actually hire exactly the right kind of movers for your house moving needs. Moreover, teaming up with a moving company that can understand your needs can greatly help in ensuring that you get the most help towards a more comfortable move. It’s also important to consider things such as your budget, your potential mover’s overall skillset, and your house moving goals before hiring the right team for your house move.