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Move Past the Small Talk: 5 Tips That Will Keep Your Facetime Interesting

Things to talk about on facetime

The world of communication has changed- people are more connected than ever. People are using their phones to stay in touch with family and friends all over the world. No longer do we need to wait to see our loved ones in person to speak to them face-to-face. With video apps like Zoom, Skype and Facetime, we can call up our friends whenever we want. It’s the best way to connect when you aren’t able to be together in person. But after a few years now of Zoom meetings, chats and even online dinners, people are finding it harder to keep the conversation going.

Sometimes the conversation starts to lag, particularly when children are on the other line. So how do you move past the small talk and enjoy the video chat? By incorporating some easy tips and tricks you’ll be able to find things to talk about on Facetime and keep enjoying the fun!

Keep Your Facetime Interesting

5 Tips That Will Keep Your Facetime Interesting

1. Ask questions

Small talk can sometimes boil down to the mundane- weather, jobs and mortgages. But if you have kids on the line or even teenagers, they won’t be interested in any of that. The best thing you can do is to keep them engaged. Asking questions about books they are reading or activities they’ve been a part of. It helps children to feel they are being understood. If they show you a picture, ask them about the colors, characters and scenery. It helps validate the children’s work as well as incorporate the various aspects of growth and development for kids of all ages.

Children love to talk about what they did during the day and specific details about a particular event. Allow space for them to describe details of what they saw or heard. It helps with recall and learning.

2. Use online games

Video chat apps are developing to meet the needs of families. Kids (and adults) don’t just want to rely on chatting, there are now options to incorporate games and activities. Chat apps like Kinoo have online puzzle functions to help engage everyone in a game while on a video face-to-face. From simple to more complex puzzles, children will be able to utilize their reasoning skills to determine the correct answer. Kids of all ages will love trying to figure out the pictures and you’ll enjoy working with them to complete the images.

3. Do an activity

Hosting an activity on a video chat app can be a great way to keep Facetime interesting. By hosting a cooking or baking session, you and your family can do something together even if you are miles apart. Just get all the ingredients ready before the call and walk them through step-by-step. From cookies to soup, there are a number of things you can make together depending on the age of the child. If the children are quite young, however, this might not be an option. That’s why Kinoo introduced the “Kinoo Wand”. It allows families to play a virtual baking or cooking game where they use the wand to mix and stir and cut. It will keep the activity safe and extra fun! Even adults will enjoy this activity.

4. Sports

If your family loves sports, you can still have a great time over video chat. With the new Kinoo Wand children can play baseball with you from anywhere in the world. Just throw the ball at the virtual pitcher and the child with the bat can swing away. It’s a great way to keep kids entertained and active. Time will fly as you play game after game. Your kids or grandkids will look forward to playing games with you regularly.

5. Get outside

Video chat doesn’t have to take place inside. Take your phone or tablet outside and encourage kids to do the same. You can explore your yard and the nature outside. Ask the children to show you what they see outside, describing the color and the bugs and the plants around them. It’s a way to enjoy nature even if you’re far away from one another.

Video chats don’t have to be mundane. You can have a great time playing games, doing activities and solving puzzles. By incorporating these tips and tricks, your kids and grandkids will look forward to video calls while you are far away from each other. Distance doesn’t have to mean that you are not connected- find the app that brings you closer together.


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