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Meme Marketing: The Best Ways to Leverage Them

No matter if you’re a Facebook user, a Redditor, an Instagram addict, or an avid Tweeter, there is one thing on the internet that you cannot avoid and that is memes. 

Memes are almost everywhere on the internet. From famous ‘Alex the Target’ to the ‘Grumpy Cat’, these memes were started as a normal humorous template but captured the attention of millions of online users overnight. 

Are you familiar with memes? As per various researches, a meme is considered as a behavior, idea, usage, and style that are spread from one individual to another. They also represent a culture. Even though the terms might seem overwhelming, the memes are pictures that are typically combined with humorous jokes and funny messages. 

Normal people might not know about the versatility of memes, but marketers are well aware of the benefits of meme marketing. Here are 6 great reasons:

  • Memes are Already Viral

Despite the choice of your products or services for marketing purposes, you want customers to talk about it. Since online pages are packed with memes, using this type of content for your business purpose will help you to boost the visibility of your brand online. 

  • They are Very Easy to Create

Memes are one of the easiest contents to create. Anyone with an internet-connected device can create and upload great memes within a few minutes. No matter if you use fresh memes or old ones, it will always be beneficial for your business.

  • They are Shareable

Since the memes are visual content based on videos or images, they are perfect for sharing on various social media platforms. Every major platform, from Pinterest to Facebook supports video and image files. Hence, your memes will be shareable across every channel and platform. 

  • They Make the Marketing Campaigns Relevant to the Younger Audience

Advertisers and marketers always find new ways to engage younger audiences. As per Forbes, relatable and fresh content will help you to attract the younger generation. This is why memes are a great way to capture their interest. Additionally, memes carry a funny message. Hence, incorporating the memes into your marketing campaign will show your customers and audiences your humorous side. 

Due to these reasons, it might be tempting to use memes for your marketing strategy. This is also considered memejacking and it will help you to push your brand. Here are two important steps of memejacking:

  • Understand the Meme In-Depth

If you don’t know how to use the memes correctly, don’t ever improvise them. Consider visiting Meme Scout to choose the perfect meme as per your brand image. But, make sure you understand the meaning of the meme. If you incorporate an incorrect meme, it will damage your brand as well as your marketing campaigns. 

  • Make Sure the Meme is Appropriate

If your business or brand has a serious image or reputation, your audiences will also have a serious mindset. In this case, using the memes in your marketing strategies will ultimately offend them.


As there are millions of memes online, no matter the image or reputation of your company, you will be able to find relevant memes for your business. They will also be perfect for your marketing campaign. Whether you use old memes or create a fresh one, make sure that the content is laughable.