June 12, 2020

Marijuana Fashion Trend

People still remember the heyday of “heroin chic,” which Kate Moss popularized in the 90s after her iconic ad with Calvin Klein went viral in the pre-internet world. Marijuana fashion trends seem to trailblaze this year’s fashion. And fashionistas all over the globe are expecting it to get the same global recognition as “heroin chic.”

Fashion trends come and go. With the legalization of marijuana, the fashion designers worldwide look at this herb for inspiration. The number of marijuana fashion trends hitting the market today is as diverse as the number of indica strains of marijuana.

Different people choose to wear labeled marijuana fashion trends. People who do not smoke weed join the fad and look for accessories designed with marijuana leaves. More so, stoners and marijuana legalization advocates go gaga with this year’s marijuana fashion trends.

They look for specific designs that look like their favorite strains of cannabis. They visit coupon sites like this one to look for trendy marijuana shirts.

Two types of marijuana fashion trends have emerged. The first one is for the high-end market. The other one is more for the masses. Either of these two marijuana fashion trends are beautiful in their own rights.


The majority of the high fashion marijuana clothes are made couture dresses. A dress is defined couture or high fashion when its creation is made exclusively for the buyers. Often fashion designers showcase their couture in fashion weeks and wealthy patrons line up to have their sizes taken.

The fashion house tailor custom-fitted clothing couture dresses using the sizes given to them by their wealthy clientele. Fashion designers employ artisans who constructed the couture dresses by hand from the beginning to the end. Fashion houses ensure that the dresses are made from high-quality, expensive materials like rare fabrics or gemstones.

In terms of high fashion marijuana trends, couturier incorporate marijuana designs in embroideries of their laces and dresses. There is also a sizable number of jewelry designed with marijuana themes. Couturiers also use hemp fiber, a plant in the family of marijuana, to create luxurious dresses.

Mara Hoffman 2015 spring collection featured cannabis leaf patterns woven into the trousers and maxi-dresses. The next year, Alexander Wang followed the trend when he used monochromatic pot designs in that year’s mohair skirts and raglan sleeve car coat collections.

The design was an instant hit with people describing it as reminiscent of the grungy look of the 90s.  Margot Robbie, the famous actress who played Harley Quinn, even wore one Wang’s cannabis dresses on Saturday Night Live.

Perhaps no designer in the world is as prolific as the Los Angeles-based designer Jacquie Aiche in promoting cannabis motif in fashion. Aiche is one of the biggest names in cannabis advocacy.

As such, she featured marijuana motifs prominently in all of her collections. Her cannabis-inspired Sweet Leaf jewelry is perhaps the most notable of all of her creations. Aiche’s stunning diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and clutches boldly flash marijuana designs and motifs.

Her creations garnered nods from both fashionistas and world-famous celebrities. Superstars like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner dig her creations. Marijuana activist Bianca Barnhill flaunted Aiche’s diamond studs when she appeared at the White House.


Wearables are ready-to-wear garments specifically designed for mass production. While all of us buy these types of clothes, it is important to note that there are high-end couturiers that also produce wearables. These wearables are also pretty expensive.

The trend for using marijuana in trendy wearables has always been a niche market. Brands targeting stoners and the lifestyles that promote marijuana used to dominate the cannabis wearable scene.

Independent fashion designers make t-shirts and other clothes with cannabis-themed designs. From dresses to handbags to accessories and jewelry, cannabis design shows up everywhere. However, the Italian luxury brand Moschino’s creative director Jeremy Scott catapulted this trend to the mainstream in 2012.

During that time, Scott designed a green-washed Adidas logo on a sweatshirt worn by the rapper A$AP Rocky. This made headlines in fashion magazines around the world for being the first mainstream sports brand that featured marijuana on its logo.

Soon after, marijuana crossed over into the mainstream fashion scene. Hollywood stars including Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens popularized the use of gorgeous jewelry with blatant and more subtle marijuana symbolism.

In fact, this trend is so popular, we can say marijuana trends in fashion are definitely ‘in’ right now. This thanks to these Hollywood celebrities who not only wear them but also heavily popularized cannabis leaf motifs on very trendy OOTDs.


While many superstars like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus proudly wear their marijuana fashions, the same could not be said about designers who use marijuana as motifs.

Perhaps, we still need to wait a few years to see these designers and other influential figures come out of the shadows and speak up to support our advocacies. Until then, let us hope that this fashion trend keeps on getting stronger and popular.

The ore mainstream the design of marijuana gets, the less taboo it becomes. Thus, the more it is likely to be accepted in society and politics where the real conversation for the legalization of marijuana is. You can help in this advocacy by promoting the marijuana lifestyle. You can start by proudly wearing the trendy marijuana-themed clothes.