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Making Your Outdoor Event Shine: Décor and Lighting Ideas

Outdoor parties and events allow guests to enjoy the fresh air and natural ambiance, but decorations and lighting are still needed to transform the space. With the right touches, any patio, garden or yard can be made festive. Read on for ideas to make your next alfresco occasion glow.

Décor and Lighting Ideas

Lighting Up the Night

Outdoor gatherings often continue into the evening, so lighting is key. String lights instantly create ambiance and come in various bulbs and colors to achieve the desired mood, from classic white to multicolored. For additional illumination, place lanterns containing flickering candles or battery-operated tea lights on tables, hang them from tree branches or line pathways with them.

Scatter glow sticks and light-up accessories like necklaces, bracelets and rings to encourage mingling once the sun goes down. Outdoor floor lamps and fixtures mounted to walls or posts also cast light in focused areas. For grander affairs, rent professional stage lighting to spotlight certain spaces or tables. The right lighting transforms an outdoor area into a magical, festive setting after dark.

Gleaming with Glow Furniture

Glow furniture adds whimsy and visual interest to an outdoor affair. Clear acrylic or Lucite chairs give the illusion of floating when lit from underneath. Place string lights or an LED strip under acrylic dining tables or bars to make service ware and drinks appear suspended. For an ethereal look, nestle battery-powered flickering votives inside hanging glass orbs on acrylic stems, or consider glow furniture rentals.

Inflatable glowing sofas and bubbles create cozy seating. Line pathways with illuminated cubes that guests can use as luminous ottomans. Scatter acrylic side tables with glowing bases like futuristic sculptures. Whether going for an ultra-modern or fairytale feel, glow décor is sure to dazzle and delight.

Nature-Inspired Touches

Natural elements like flowers, greenery and wood inject organic style into outdoor parties. Fresh floral centerpieces can be made the morning of the event. Potted palms, ferns and flowering plants placed around the perimeter also contribute color and life.

Wooden elements add warmth and texture. Adorn food stations and bar areas with cut tree rounds functioning as drink coasters or rustic serving trays. Affix flower boxes overflowing with blossoms onto walls or posts. Line passages with cut tree stumps for inviting, nature-inspired seating. Incorporate climbing vines, ivy and flowers into any existing architectural details.

For a woodland theme, use birch bark or logs to make place card holders and table numbers. Accent the space with field grass, foraged branches, pinecones, acorns, feathers and other finds straight from nature. The natural beauty of flowers, plants, wood and organic artifacts harmonize an outdoor space.

Finishing Touches

Tying everything together with the right supplemental decor creates cohesion and completes the look. Drape string lights overhead and lanterns above pathways to guide movement and connections between designated areas. Use similarly-colored or patterned tablecloths on dining tables and buffets to establish flow.

Signage featuring foliage or wood backdrops reinforce the theme and help orient guests. For buffets and bars, chalkboard menus with nature-inspired frames display offerings. Place personalized printed or hand-drawn signs at reserved tables.

Finally, party favors expand the theme. Give guests wildflower seed packets, potted herb plants or small succulents to take home - living mementos of a lively, luminous outdoor affair. With atmospheric lighting, gorgeously glow furnishings, natural elements and thoughtful touches, any alfresco event can reach new heights.