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Make the Most of Your Sneaker Investment

Sneakers can be high fashion depending on the design. People today often buy them to make a statement or make their attire look casually cool. The sale of sneakers is, therefore, is a big business too. The niche market has become a big part of the sneaker culture at this point. DIY professionals who customize shoes and give them a unique look are all the rage. A few quick Google searches will show you what is in. If you invest in sneakers, you can do things to increase the value of your investment. 


The best way to customize sneakers is by using some paint. High-quality acrylic paint is the best. Good acrylic paint lasts longer, is more durable, and incredibly vibrant. Most acrylic paints these days can give you the same benefits, but a well-known brand will help gain customer trust. Choose paints such that you do not have to dilute them, as dilution can reduce durability. Choose paints with high pigment concentration for rich color and low pigment concentration for a muted effect. Metallic paints can be used to create different products as well. Metallic paints can add a shine and a metal-like look. Gold and metallic reds are vibrant and beautiful and all the rage.

Fine brushes

The brushes you use will have an impact on how the sneaker looks after customization. Investing in various brushes of differing shapes and sizes is critical. Practice with these on paper first. Get an idea of the effect they have. Try to find cheap second-hand sneakers for more practice. To keep the lines clean and precise, try to find small fine-tipped brushes for wide marks and colouring; you can go with bigger ones. Make sure these brushes are strong and high-quality and can be used with acrylic paint. 

A knife

Make sure to invest in a sharp knife. Knives can allow you to distress or fashionably damage the sneaker in strategic places. A bit like distressed jeans; this is high fashion too. Ensure you invest in knives of different shapes and sizes to reach areas that are hard to get. You can also use a knife to remove parts of the sneaker you no longer want entirely. 


Sandpaper is a tool that can smoothen a surface or distress it, or rough it up. In the market, you will find various grades of sandpaper. Try to experiment with them to see what suits you best. Practice a little to get an idea of what works.


Rhinestones, sequins, feathers, beads, and other such embellishments can also add a nice touch. These materials can add a 3D texture component and a pop of color. Try to experiment with them using low-strength glue. See what looks good, and then proceed to make the look permanent. To make the embellishments stay, you can use glue; you can also stitch these bits on or both.

Winding Up

Use your imagination, go wild. Make sure no two shoes are the same. Build a brand and learn about marketing. That is all it takes to be a DIY sneaker artist. So to start your own business, make a trip to a hobby store; they should have everything needed.