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Luxury Activities Which you can Turn into Hobbies

Everyone is searching for that bit of luxury in their lives. Home décor, dining out, and clothing are often thought of first as ways to introduce a little touch of glamor into everyday life, but if you want to take it a step further, what about trying some hobbies or activities normally associated with the rich and famous? You can try these on your own, with a group of friends or even for a date, and if you like them, why not turn these into your new hobbies?


To play golf, you need to be a member of a golf club, which provides a level of exclusiveness that not everyone can boast of in their day to day lives. However, these days, clubs are encouraging people to join, and you can find day passes or trial memberships to see if this is a hobby for you. To make the most of your time, you need to make sure you have the right equipment – there’s a reason people have special golfing gear. Firstly, you need the clubs, obviously. Secondly, you shouldn’t underestimate a good pair of golf shoes. You need to have a pair which is sturdy and comfortable enough to do a lot of walking, plus enough grip for wet grass.


Yachting has long been associated with the rich and glamorous. It is possible to hire a yacht, either to sail by yourself or as a day cruise hire – so you have the boat for a set period of time, plus the captain and a small (or large if you can afford it!) crew. So, you could really indulge and have a luxury experience with friends. This is definitely something which is more fun as a social occasion than on your own, but if you enjoy it enough to do it a few times a year, then consider investing in your own yacht so that you can indulge whenever you fancy (although you might want to consider hiring someone to sail for you, rather than end up always being the one out of the party). It doesn’t matter how big or small the boat you end up with is. Telling someone that you own a yacht will always spark some interest.


Horses and history always seem to be synonymous with luxury. Don’t be fooled, though; Polo is a rigorous, tactical, and competitive sport. If you’re looking for something which brings a bit of flair into your life but still gives you a full-body workout and improves your stamina, then polo is definitely it. Your body is constantly moving and holding you in place on top of the horse, and the game is so fast-paced that adrenaline will always be flowing. There are a surprising number of polo teams throughout the country, and although you will need to start off learning how to ride, hiring a horse and joining a team or club to learn the game is more straightforward than you think. If you need to start by learning how to horse ride, there are plenty of classes and stables all over, and even this will bring a bit of pizazz to your normal hobby life.

When delving into the world of Polo, it's crucial to understand the weight limit for horseback riding to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Try the activities above if you want to introduce a bit of flair and uniqueness to your hobbies. If you’ve got the designer gear, the best and latest interior design, and your social media is full of elegant dining places, look to the rest of your lifestyle to keep filling it with luxury.