Live Your Best Life This Festival Season
December 09, 2021

Live Your Best Life This Festival Season

Festival season. For many, it is the one time of year that they get to ditch the 9-5 for a week and get lost in a world full of fields, tents, music but most importantly – fashion. It is the one time to show the world and your Instagram feed the style that represents you.

Pretty daunting, right? Well, it shouldn’t be! The festival experience should be about all things fun. This is your chance to have fun with your fashion and make it about you!

We have all seen the classic abundance of token flower crowns, choker necklaces, and boho sundresses. Some might say even a little TOO much. This festival season, follow these tips on how to dress for the week of your dreams.

 Live Your Best Life This Festival Season


1. Wear comfy footwear

It doesn’t matter what kind of festival you are going to – you are going to be walking a LOT and will be on your feet for most of the day. It is known that on an average day at Coachella, you will walk 7-8 miles a day. Yes, you read that correctly. Think about all of those steps in the heat, the sun, and weaving through thousands of people.

You want your feet to survive the festival, so instead of heels – opt for flat boots, sandals, chucks, or any other kind of sneaker. If you want to dance the night away, give your feet the space to and lace up those dancing shoes!

2. Hats

A lot of us don’t wear hats in our daily outfits, so some of you might be thinking: why a hat now? Hats don’t have to just be a regular fashion accessory, but they can really help protect you from the heat. It keeps your head intact and protects your skin in the process. There are plenty of cute options out there. In recent years, bucket hats have been a popular trend in American and British festivals. In the heat, wide-brimmed is where it’s at. So do up your outfit while protecting yourself at the same time.

3. Style your hair up/in braids

Up-styles or braids at festivals can get all that hair out of your face while making you look fierce in the process! Some festivals can get very sweaty, and you don’t want to have to deal with the gross mess that awaits if you leave it down. Embrace modern bohemian looks and radiate ultra-cool hippy vibes with hairstyles you can wear all day and night, whether you’re rocking out on the front row or dancing up a storm. GHD shows how you can look chic while practical.

4. Bring a Crossbody Bag

At a festival, the last thing you want to worry about is where all your stuff is. The best way to avoid this stress is opting for a crossbody bag. For comfort’s sake, a medium to mini crossbody bag is usually best. Also, you can’t go wrong with the classic fanny pack. With so many options to choose from, you can make sure all your things are in one place and not get tired of carrying them around all day. They give you the freedom to dance and hide from any thieves!

 Live Your Best Life This Festival Season


5. Pick one or two ‘statement’ pieces

There is a difference between wearing a clash of lots of statement pieces and wearing festival essentials. It’s best not to go overboard on the trends; as a girl, it can look messy. Don’t make your outfit loud; make it fashionable. Choose between adding a little bit of fringe or a bit of denim and you’ll be sure to get looks for all the right reasons.

6. Less make-up, more Glitter!

So if you are going to a summer festival, it is going to be hot! Dancing mixed with the heat does not serve a good make-up look. At festivals, less is more. You don’t have to go without any, but wear some light make-up that will last you through the entire day. And to make things more fun: add glitter and LOTS of it. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle at a festival? It’s practically Bible. No questions asked; just do it.

 Live Your Best Life This Festival Season


7. Layer Up!

Although it is hot during the day, it tends to get chilly at night. Although you might be surrounded by a lot of people, it’s important to have back up. Take an extra layer with you if you can. This can be anything from a sweatshirt, oversized jacket, or shirt. Style it whatever way you like: camo, denim, checked, or striped; it will look cute AND keep you from getting sick.

8. A big yes to Mesh

Because who doesn’t think of mesh when thinking of a festival? Mesh is so easy to incorporate into your look, and it always looks good. You can add a mesh bodysuit with some denim shorts, or if you’re feeling really daring, wear a mesh dress to show off that summer bod! Depending on the kind of festival it is, mesh is the perfect material for ‘off to a rave,’ as it will keep you from getting too hot and sticky. It looks great with chunky sneakers too, and will add so much to the final outfit.