Leadership Training Should Go Beyond Programs to Improve Team Building in Singapore
August 23, 2022

Leadership Training Should Go Beyond Programs to Improve Team Building in Singapore

Planning a rewarding team-building event can be challenging, but these seven steps will help your employees not only have a great time but also benefit from the insights and lessons they can apply to their interactions at work. 

Here are seven steps to planning a rewarding team-building event. 

Decide what you want to achieve. 

This is the most important part of the event. Prepare and decide what to offer your employees on Team Building Day. A weekly bonding session or a fun, stress-relieving opportunity to laugh or learn together can sometimes help build relationships a little further. However, if you are new to facilitating team-building activities, or if you want more thorough and productive results, consider hiring a team-building trainer. A good team-building coach can use a variety of customized games and challenges to bring employees closer together and improve communication. The person should be energetic and focused primarily on experiential exercises (not lectures) that provide the key points the group needs. 

Select your budget and location. 

Once you know what you want to achieve on your team building day, you need to decide on a location and budget to ensure those goals are met. If you want to reward employees for completing large projects, you may need an offsite location. Do you want them to get to know each other and work through personality differences and communication issues? Once you have your goals for the day and your overall budget in mind, you can plan team building in Singapore that best suits those needs.

Schedule a reasonable time. 

Employees are always more receptive to team-building activities if team-building days take place during working hours and do not interfere with valuable personal time. Consider your employees' schedules and other commitments when planning your event. You can also review your current calendar or ongoing projects. The best time to assemble a team and identify and resolve issues is before the project starts or before major changes are made. Many schools look for dates at the beginning of the term so that staff can work together better. 

Make it special. 

A fun and unique experience is the best way to bring your team closer together. Many people are only interested in giving their employees opportunities to interact outside of the normal boundaries of office relationships. There is certainly value in providing an "engaging" experience. However, true “team building” involves fun and unique experiential learning activities that can be used as catalysts for discussion and insight that can be applied to everyday interactions to improve organizational culture.

However, “team building” includes fun and unique experiential learning activities that can be used as catalysts for discussion and insight. These activities can be applied to daily interactions to improve organizational culture. Consider your employees' interests and fitness levels when choosing “fun” activities. If you want a more impactful event, consider a business team-building day with a more focused and meaningful agenda.

Leave a job title at the door. 

One of the most important keys to a successful team-building day is that all employees feel equal regardless of their position in the office. Remind employees that there are no formal titles during team-building activities. Everyone should be encouraged to keep their egos in their pockets! At eye level, asserting without being recognized as subordinates or superiors allows others who normally do not take the initiative to take leadership roles. It can demonstrate style and encourage better communication and increased creativity. 

Also, quality team-building events should provide employees with the tools and insights to change their day-to-day interactions, priorities, and attitudes. Your return on investment will depend on your attention to each of these seven steps. And if you're committed to creating a rewarding team-building event, you can achieve the success that proper preparation promises... Team Building is laughter and lessons that provide interactive group activities that provide a fun, safe, and non-threatening way to improve communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.