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Laundry Tips for Surviving Winter

Doing laundry on regular days is already daunting; how much more when the winter is here? Winter brings a lot of challenges when it comes to laundry. You have to deal with new garments (heavy coats, muddy boots) and struggling to dry wet clothes.

It is a struggle to keep up with the laundry in the colder months. We want to help you keep your laundry under control during the winter. Here are some tips that can help you survive the season with your laundry:

  1. Go for an extra cycle. It is hard to dry your laundry during the winter. If you go to a laundry service, paying more for an extra cycle is best than bringing home your damp clothes. But you have to check on the washing instructions on your winter clothes, its materials may be delicate and cannot withstand an extra cycle. 
  2. Create a drying space, even when it is temporary. There are days during the winter when there is sun, which can dry up some lightweight cotton clothes. However, you cannot hang your clothes outside most of the time because it becomes gloomy and misty outside. Your garments become prone to moisture trapped in fibres and may result in musty smells. If you have a radiator, you can place the drying rack near it. Do not hang the clothes on the radiator, as it makes the boiler work hard and increases your heating bill. 
  3. Give your garment a shake. If you are doing laundry at home, give the garment a shake after washing it. You can wick excess water before hanging them on the drying rack.
  4. Invest in good-quality laundry detergent to help you remove stains from the garments without having the chance to rewash your clothes.
  5. Use a fabric conditioner to reduce the possibility of static cling. It is a common problem during winter due to the dry air. Be careful when using a fabric conditioner, check the wash label to ensure it is compatible with the garment.
  6. Invest in dehumidifiers. It is challenging to dry clothes during winter, and you become more exposed to allergens at home. Having a dehumidifier helps you with your laundry and health problem. Check on dehumidifiers, there are the latest models with laundry-drying settings. It removes excess moisture from the air and prevents from forming condensation, which highly contributes to a damp environment. A damp environment is a culprit for dust mites and mold spores that triggers your allergies.

If you do not have enough space at home to do laundry during winter, it is likely best to rely on laundry pickup and delivery service during winter. You do not have to worry about your clothes not being thoroughly dried or resulting in foul smells.

Final Takeaway

Laundry during winter is more daunting and challenging than on regular days. There’s no doubt why people rely more on laundry services than do their laundry at home. It is better to pay for the services than wear damp and musty-smelling clothes for months.