Lab Created Diamond vs Natural Diamonds
May 04, 2022

Lab Created Diamond vs Natural Diamonds

Lab Created Diamond vs Natural Diamonds


Lab grown diamonds versus natural diamonds. It is an argument that many diamond-lovers will no doubt have an opinion on. However, structurally speaking, these are actually exactly the same gemstone! Let’s take a closer look at the differences – if any – there are between them.


The major difference between lab-created and natural diamonds can be inferred from their names. Natural diamonds are formed from carbon through immense pressure exerted over millions of years. Lab created diamonds are also made of carbon, but are manufactured in a lab at a much greater, accelerated rate. There are actually quite a few unique characteristics in lab-grown diamonds vs real ones that we will cover here.

Due to the difference in these processes, some people prefer lab created diamonds as they have been made under humane conditions. Diamond mining is not the most ethical of industries, nor is it the most environmentally conscious. Lab grown diamonds are the better option for both. If you are going to acquire a natural diamond, it is important that you find out the provenance of the gem, especially if it is an older one. Some very innocent-looking diamonds can have long and sordid histories attached to them.


One of the major concerns of those who are considering lab created diamonds is that they might not be as sparkly or as aesthetically pleasing as those that are mined from the ground. If you are one such person, just take a look at some of the diamonds available at a site like Best Brilliance

Lab grown diamonds are, compositionally, exactly the same as mined diamonds. Both of them have a bright crystalline structure which helps to give them the recognisable diamond shine. To the naked eye, you literally won’t be able to tell the difference between the two of them. On top of this, a lab created diamond can obviously be cut in all the same shapes as a natural diamond, so you can ensure that you can get the perfect piece of jewellery that you have always wanted.


The other major factor that has to be considered when looking into diamonds is that of cost. Some diamonds are more expensive than others, that will always be a given. When it comes to mined diamonds, the quality of the gem and the number of carats – the unit of measurement used for weight – will always help to determine the cost of the gem.

These are important with lab-created gems too, but the gems overall are more affordable. If you want the prestige of a diamond without having to pay some of the eye-watering prices that can come with them, you should definitely consider a lab grown diamond over others.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there is some great difference when it comes to lab grown and natural diamonds. To many who view them side by side, they are exactly the same. However, when you bear in mind some of the ethical and cost implications that can be attached to diamonds, you can often find that the lab grown ones win every time.