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Knowing More About Biometric Safes

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As time goes by, more fascinating innovations come to life. Biometric safes become more interesting home essentials. They’re advanced, convenient, and safer for your luxurious belongings.

If you’re curious about this modern technology right now, take a look at this set of facts. You will see the difference between a biometric safe and a key lock safe, how biometric safes work, their advantages, and finding the best biometric safe.

Biometric Safes


Biometric Safe Versus Key Lock Safe

The two are very much different from each other mainly because of what you will use to gain access to the safe. Key lock safes use a physical key to open the safe. You have to deal with the security issue of managing the key.

The key lock safe is an old version but still a good working one. However, it’s risky to place the key near the safe. If the thieves easily find the keys, they will gain access to your safe in no time.

Keys are very risky to lose, be stolen, or be copied. You may hide it elsewhere far from your safe like in your relative’s house. But, you have to deal with getting the key and returning it after use.

A cradle manufacturer earns hundreds of thousands a day. They can use a key lock safe to secure their cash for the day and if they decide to keep some petty cash for the next day.

A biometric safe is a newer version of safes. It has become widely popular too. They have unique, engaging features using some special body parts of a human body either through fingerprints, face recognition, or retinal scanners.

It’s less complicated than a key lock safe because it only needs the person’s registered body part to access the belongings inside. There’s no more issue of hiding the keys. However, it’s undeniably much pricey than the first one.

Biometric Safes


How Biometric Safes Work

You already have a grasp of its difference from the ordinary safe that uses a key for access. Before proceeding with the benefits a homeowner can get, let’s learn how this thing works.

A biometric safe uses a person’s “biometrics”. It’s a technical term that refers to fingerprint or retina scanning.

The safe scans your fingerprint and stores a digital image of it. Biometric safes register that image in an encrypted digital format. Here’s an example:

If led light strips wholesale china wishes to place cash inside a biometric safe, the owner can just tap his finger on the scanner and place the cash inside. Then, taps his finger on the scanner the next day to get the cash back again for business use.

Since each of us has a unique fingerprint, it also means no one can copy it. Otherwise, you register more than one fingerprint and let other members of the family or business colleague to access the safe.

The DPI level, or dots per inch of a biometric safe, indicates if it’s a more secure or less secure reader. If the DPI is higher, it means someone is less likely to duplicate your fingerprint. The lesser chance there is to unlock the safe.

Biometric Safes


Benefits Of Biometric Safes

Its initial and clearer benefit is the unique access that only belongs to you as the safe owner. But, here are more benefits to consider to fully amaze you with using biometric safes at home.

  • There is less worry and stress in forgetting combinations of numbers as a code. With just a touch of your registered fingerprint on the scanner, your safe will be opened. It’s perfect for forgetful individuals.
  • Biometric safes offer modern security. If it doesn’t attract normal people, it does attract ones with special interests. You can safely store guns, millions of cash, and ultra-high-end pieces of jewelry.
  • In case you’re using the biometric safe in a high-traffic area such as in the office, it’s just fine. You don’t have to be frustrated with codes slipping up. The safe is secured with your registered biometrics.
  • Biometric safes secure luxurious items. They are also considered luxury items too. It goes with other modern features including the best materials securing items inside from fire, water, or gunshot.
  • If you want extra security, biometric safes can let you add keys or codes as part of the access.

 Biometric Safes


Finding The Best Biometric Safe

Many biometric safe options are now sold in the market. Are you struggling which one to choose? Take a look at this list of biometric safes

  • Budget-friendly fingerprint safes for soda glass bottles wholesale
  • Biometric safe for businesses
  • Biometric gun safes
  • Biometric wall safes
  • Combination and key safes that features additional biometric security
  • Luxury safes with biometric fingerprint access
  • Fire resistant biometric safe
  • File and cabinet safes that feature fingerprint access


Biometric Safes



There’s so much to learn about biometric safes. Their advantages are exceptionally good especially we’re now in the digital era. It makes things easier and less stressful.

You can spend vacations leaving your biometric safe inside your house and keep everything cool. Keep your most valuable jewelry and other belongings in the best chosen biometric safe from a trusted store.