Despite advancements in dental care, scores of residents in Tarzana and other Californian neighborhoods experience tooth loss every year, mainly due to tooth decay, injury, or periodontal disease. And for plenty of years, the only treatment for this was dentures or braces. But now, dental implants have made the treatment of tooth loss much easier.

Invariably, treatments pertaining to dental implants Tarzana are pretty standard as a vast majority of the residents in the region are conscious of their oral health.

This is key because as per a report, about one third of children and adolescents in California experience permanent teeth decay compared to the rest of the US. Therefore, Tarzana dentists have been in a constant process of fixing people’s dental issues.

Here’s a list of brief but critical points about implants that you should know, especially if you consider getting one done.

Implant types

Implants for the mouth are strong artificial attachments or structures that a qualified dental surgeon inserts into a person’s jaw bone. And like anywhere in the US, Tarzana dentists use two basic types of implants. They are:

  • Endosteal - They are the most typical type of artificial root structures embedded in the jaw bone. Each implant can comfortably hold one or more artificial teeth.
  • Subperiosteal - These implants are fixed on top of the jaw bone instead of inside it. They are apt for patients that do not have much height to their jaw bones.

Length of treatment and cost

Getting dental implants in Tarzana is a step-by-step process and not one that happens overnight. It may typically involve an extraction of the damaged tooth or teeth that need to be replaced.

Once the implant is inserted, you will need about three to six months to heal completely. During this time, the artificial root will become a part of the bone and tissues surrounding it. All this while, your dentist will keep a close watch on the operated site, attaching the restorative crowns to the root at the appropriate time.

When it comes to cost, the average price of a single tooth implant in Tarzana is somewhere between $3000 to $4,500. However, this estimate will change depending on factors such as the number and material of implants and the amount of site preparation done by the surgeon.

Post-treatment care

It is best to avoid driving alone for a week or so following the implant procedure. This is critical because as per 2019 statistics, 76.4% of people drove their car to work alone in Tarzana. So, if you live here and have got dental implants, avoid driving alone. This is to ensure that the effects of the pain medication are off and your mouth feels normal in a moving car. Until then, it is best to carpool or have someone drop and pick you up.

The right age for implants

There are over eighteen hundred dental clinics in Tarzana, and a majority of them perform dental implant procedures. But as a general rule of thumb, patients need to be at least eighteen years old or more to qualify for implants. However, research indicates that certain types of implants can be done on younger patients in cases where there are exceptions.

For instance, suppose a teenager in Tarzana has been the victim of a serious accident, resulting in the loss of some permanent teeth. Such cases may be considered an exception, where dentists find the implant type and material that best suits the victim.