Junk Disposal Should Be Done Carefully
November 10, 2020

Junk Disposal Should Be Done Carefully

After residential or commercial junk cleanup, the disposal of junk can be an absolute menace if you have decided to do it on your own. There are set laws drafted by the municipal and state authorities regarding the trash disposal in the city.

If the proper disposal techniques are not followed regarding electronic or plastic waste, the junk may lead to a significant environmental hazard. Thus, it is essential to call the EZ Denver Junk Removal | Junk removal Specialist to remove the waste from your property.

Junk Disposal

Impact Of Junk Disposal

The most significant effect of improper junk disposal would be soil or land pollution. We treat soil as the universal sink. If we dump the junk as it is, without processing, over time, as the plastic and electronic waste start degrading due to weathering, they will release toxic chemicals into the soil. The released chemicals may end up seeping into aquifers and contaminating potable water leading to water pollution.

Sometimes, people think that the fastest solution to getting rid of junk is by burning it. They don’t know that most of the waste items are plastic-based, which will not burn completely. Instead, the partial burning would release many toxic gases into the environment and thereby cause air pollution.

We are all aware of how climate changes due to careless human activities; in such a scenario, it is best to avoid adding to the cause and work to conserve the environment. That's when a suitable management system comes in handy, a Dumpster Rental in Audubon is so kind for the environment. Such services ensure that you decompose and recycle your waste. In addition, recycling services help reduce carbon footprint.

How Does A Junk Removal Service Help?

A well-established and experienced junk removal company is familiar with the garbage disposal laws of the state and municipality. They carefully sort each waste item into different categories and then put them up for disposal.

Many of the collected waste items go in for recycling or upcycling instead of dumping ground. Away Today furniture removal advises us to make the most of your old furniture by sending them in for recycling, and the electronic appliances are carefully disposed of after removing all the potential hazardous parts from them.

A junk removal company aims to recycle at least 60% of the collected waste. Most old clothes go for upcycling wherever possible. The single-use plastic waste goes into recycling, and E-waste like batteries, refrigerators, and televisions are subjected to proper and eco-friendly disposal methods. 

Disposal Methods For Batteries

Disposal of batteries is an issue of great caution. We use all sorts of single-use and rechargeable batteries at home. It is one of the most common waste acquired from every household.

While single-use batteries are not hazardous and can be thrown away simply in the trash, rechargeable batteries pose a substantial threat to the environment if not disposed of properly.

Different batteries are made of different components. The single-use button batteries cannot be carelessly tossed in the trash. These batteries contain mercury, which is a highly toxic metal. On the other hand, letter batteries like AAA, AA, C, or D are made of steel, manganese, and zinc. They are safe to dispose of in the garbage chute.

Rechargeable batteries and car batteries may contain lead and acid, which is highly toxic to the environment. Thus, the proper disposal of these batteries is mandatory. In some states, it may even be illegal to throw these batteries in the trash can. The junk cleanup services usually send these batteries to a recycling unit where they are processed efficiently and disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Disposing Of Other Electrical Appliances

Disposing of electrical appliances like a refrigerator or television can be very painful. Many laws restrict the dumping of these appliances directly into landfills. The reason being, these appliances may pose a fire hazard and lead to a lethal fire if dumped carelessly in the landfills.

Refrigerators also contain hazardous HFCs and CFCs, which are the primary greenhouse gases. These gases are responsible for depleting the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

These gases must be removed prior to disposal. Old televisions contain Cathode ray tubes, which are also filled with toxic gases. The most suitable method of dumping these old appliances is to send them for recycling. An expert from Growingcity, will not only clean up your property, but it will also reduce your burden of disposal.

Not Everything Needs To Go To The Dump!

Cleaning up junk does not restrict to just the thorough cleaning of the space and throwing out of the boxes. You need to be as responsible while disposing of junk.

A professional service like EZ Denver Junk Removal will take care of the junk while giving you the satisfaction of being a good citizen. They are one of the most trusted junk removal companies in the neighborhood. Contact EZ Denver Junk Removal service at (720) 590 3006 to schedule a quick, hassle-free, and satisfying cleanup of your property.