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It's Time To Level Up Your Dating Game!

It's Time To Level Up Your Dating Game!

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The dating world can be full of disappointment after disappointment. You're on every single dating app you can download, and your life is spent swiping away trying to find someone that suits you.

The fact is, you can't find anyone that ticks all the right boxes or isn't downright weird. Much of your dating life is spent blocking people for strange messages and trying to find decent people. One survey from 2018 found that dating apps are the least preferred way for 16-34-year-olds to meet someone new.

Well, what if the problem wasn't dating apps in general but the apps you've been using? What if there was a way to completely level up your dating game and ensure you're only matched with people that are guaranteed to excite you?

There is, and it's called StarStuded.

What is StarStuded?

Simply put, StarStuded is a dating app that pairs you up with celebrities. The whole concept of the app is that you only view, match with, and find celebrities that have blue verified checks on Instagram. It's the only dating app that does this, giving celebs a safer place to date and bringing them closer to the stars.

In theory, you could see a new celebrity every 24 hours, living the dating life of your dreams. You don't have to worry about people catfishing you or being weird, as all celebrities have been verified. This gives you the confidence you need to go out there and find someone worth talking to.

A real chance to level up your dating game

StarStuded is currently in the latter stages of development and will be live soon. You can submit your phone number on the website to be one of the first to see when it goes live, also giving you exclusive access to all of the celebrity profiles - of which there are over 100 at the moment.

The beauty of the app is that it removes many of the pain points of other dating apps. It has strong community guidelines to keep everyone safe, but the blue check verification is the cherry on the cake. One of the biggest problems with online dating apps is that nobody ever lives up to their profile expectations. They talk the talk, but they never walk the walk. With StarStuded, you're matched with people who walk the walk. You can find clear evidence of this online, seeing as they are a celebrity. It gives you more confidence when dating as you don't have the lingering fear that someone turns up and isn't who they say they are or doesn't act as their profile suggests.

If you're sick and tired of doing the same old thing and finding no matches on dating apps, StarStuded is for you. Every 24 hours, you view a new celebrity, and you can either like or dislike them. If they like you back, you can start messaging and take things from there. It's an exciting new concept that's sure to revolutionize the online dating world.