Is Your Wrist Size Considered Normal?
May 22, 2021

Is Your Wrist Size Considered Normal?

It might not seem like something that is too important to think about every day, but your wrist size is obviously a pretty significant factor in some aspects of life, such as shopping for watches or jewelry. Do not be worried, there is no size that is too small for a watch, or too big.

This leads to the obvious question. Sure it's important to measure your wrist, but how do you do it? Lucky for you, there are a number of very easy ways to properly measure your wrist so you can see which size watch will be most comfortable for you! Read on to see the easiest way to measure your wrist.

Use a Tape Measure!

If you have one, the tape measure is easily the best way to measure your wrist. It isn't always perfect, however. Although they are functional, bendable metal tape measures may not conform to the curve of your wrist properly. They can give you a slightly inaccurate (too large) measurement.

On the other hand, a cloth tape measure, such as one used by a tailor, would be able to more smoothly contour to the shape of your wrist. Although both will work somewhat, the cloth tape measure will be far less cumbersome.

Past actually getting your hands on the tape measure, measuring your wrist is quite simple.

  • Place one end of the tape measure anywhere on your wrist
  • Wrap the tape measure all the way around your wrist one time
  • Make sure it doesn't twist, bend, or fold as to avoid an improper measurement
  • Take the measurement where the tape meets back up with the original anchor point.

As you can see, it's easy as pie if you have a tape measure, especially a proper cloth one. However, what if you don't? After all, it's a bit of a niche item that not everyone just has lying around.

Using a Ruler and String!

Fear not! With the far more common tools of a ruler and a string and a marker, you can achieve the same results!

  • Just like the tape measure, place one end of the string on any point on your wrist
  • Wrap the string all the way around. Make sure it isn't loose. It doesn't have to be extremely tight, but make sure it is snugly against your skin all the way around your wrist.
  • Wrap it around until it meets the anchor point you originally chose. Mark the place on the string where they meet with a marker or pen.
  • Take the string off and measure with your ruler how long it is from the original anchor point (the end of the string) to the place you've marked. This will give you an accurate measurement!

Average Wrist Size

Once you've measured your wrist, you'll be able to know if your wrist meets the definition of small, medium, or large. This will let you know what kind of watch you'll want to get!

Small wrists are wrists that are 6 inches or less. Medium wrists are between just over 6 inches to just under 8 inches. Anything 8 inches or larger is considered a large wrist.