Is Soap Bad For Your Hair?
May 19, 2021

Is Soap Bad For Your Hair?

Soap Bad For Your Hair

Have you ever noticed that every time you clean your hair with soap, your bath will end with an itchy and brittle scalp? If seen, both shampoo and soap work to remove the dirt of the hair, then why is it said that the hair should be cleaned with shampoo instead of soap. 

The historical background of soap dates back to 2500 BC and soap is being used by many people even today. However, the use of this product has been discontinued by many people. Whereas, first of all, it is necessary to understand what is this product and how is this product made?

pH level

If this product is chemically observed, soap is an amalgamation of sodium salts of a variety of unsaturated fats. It is prepared by a chemical reaction called saponification or hydrolysis of fats or oils. Talking about the nature of soap, this product is alkaline in nature and its pH is set amid 9-10. While the ph level of the head skin or hair is between 4-5.

Along with the dirt, bacteria can also be removed from the skin of the head by soap. And it is an excellent product for cleaning the head. It is on this basis that the head skin has an acidic coating that prevents microbes from entering into the skin.

When your skin is cleaned with soap, the acidic particles of your skin can return to their specific pH level with no problems at all. But there are also some soaps which damage the scalp's skin and due to which the hair becomes weak and starts to fall. That’s why a hair care blog, recommends using organic shampoo that reduces hair fall.

What happens if you wash your hair regularly with soap?

Let's explore this in-depth and try to find out why it is safe to wash hair with shampoo instead of soap. Some experts believe that if you wash your hair with soap, the following can happen to your hair:

  • Soap Residues May Remain On Hair

If you use hard water to wash hair or to bathe, there may be some chemical reaction on your skin. Because when hard water reacts with soap, this water creates an insoluble substance that is not rinsed off by this hard water. Insoluble material formed due to hard water is known as soap scum. When this scum accumulates in the hair, it damages the hair due to which the hair loses its natural shine and starts to fall. That's why some people say that soap is harmful to hair.

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a skin disease in which there is a feeling of swelling in the skin of the head. This disease can be seen in people of all ages and it can affect all types of skin. Soap scum is the main cause of this disease.

When hard water and soap scum come into contact with each other, it can increase seborrheic dermatitis, and thereafter increase infection. If a person has eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, he should avoid using soap and the person should not apply soap to hair or scalp.

  • Dry and Weak Hair

Unlike shampoos, soaps are not planned for hair and cannot clean your hair softly and completely. Soap can leave your hair dry, frothy and weak as it removes regular oils, natural oils and keratins from the hair. As experts believe, there is a great difference in the ph level of hair and the ph level of soap which causes excessive damage to the hair which causes hair to fall faster.

  • Soap Lacks Conditioning Agent

When we use soap in hair, some soaps can remove dirt from the hair but cannot bring shine to the hair because the soap lacks a conditioning agent. Therefore, when soap is used, the hair appears tangled and the hair starts breaking when combed.

Another problem with soaps is that they are large, hard and strong at room temperature and restrict the number of fixings you can attach to skincare. Synthetic cleansers are liquids when they are formulated to make soaps, as well as giving corrective physicists significantly greater adaptability when engaging with them. Generally, cleaners are impeccable flushing, do not leave buildup and can be planned to easily involve moulding specialists.


Never wash hair with soap or else its strong chemical will damage the upper layer of hair and your hair will start to look dry and lifeless. If there is salinity in the water, the hair will become sticky and brown when washed with soap. If you also wash the hair using soap, then the hair gradually starts losing its shine.

The pH level of hair is different and soaps are made to clean our skin. Apart from using soap to wash hair, the natural oil in your hair gets washed away which can cause dandruff problems in your hair. This causes premature whitening and hair loss.