Is It Worth Going To Art School?
August 18, 2021

Is It Worth Going To Art School?

There are different approaches to becoming an artist. While some people are more inclined towards enrolling in an art school, others take the other path, self-teaching using online resources such as Winged Canvas. Each of these decisions comes with its pros and cons. As a young and budding artist, the decision you make will significantly shape your future in the art world. If you are considering an art school and whether the option is worth it, below are some of the reasons why it may be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

Art School

Learn From Experienced Art Professors

According to Winged Canvas, one of the biggest advantages of enrolling in an art school is the exposure and experience it offers. Learning from experienced professors gives you a chance to gain insight into the years of experience of your teachers. In addition, you stand a chance of being taught under a strict critical environment thus improving the quality of your art. Learning from established and accomplished professors in their respective fields can also help to shape your decision when it comes to your art style. Your professor can also offer you the leverage and connection needed to make bold moves in the art world.

By leveraging the experience and guidance of your art professors, you can also cut back on the common mistakes you could have made as a newbie.

Get Professional And Personal Mentors

Art professors are more than teachers, they often become great mentors to their students. With a large network of successful alumni bodies to reach out to, you can enjoy the advantages that come with that network. Your art professors and mentors can also put you in contact with former students in the specific field of interest. While art professors cannot mentor every one of their students, they can recommend past students who are successful in their fields to new students. This offers much more in terms of connection and exposure. This can also shape the career decisions of new students and create a path that is valuable to the student’s success.

Structured Learning Environment

As with institutions, art schools provide a structured environment where students can learn and get accessed based on an expanding curriculum. With this enabling environment, art students are more likely to keep their motivation until their set goals are achieved. In addition to this, art schools also help students to learn much more in a little time compared to when students are being self-taught.

Access to Equipment

One of the biggest challenges faced by new artists is access to equipment. Art equipment costs a lot of money and this means that many newbies may be unable to afford them. However, with art schools, students have access to a variety of top-of-the-line equipment that can significantly boost their production. Students within art schools can also leverage the opportunity to familiarize themselves with as much art equipment as possible.

Studio Space

Art schools offer studio spaces all around the campus. This allows new artists to explore while choosing the perfect studio space to express themselves. The same cannot be said for a self-taught artist. Some self-taught artists have to struggle with the increasing cost of renting a studio space that is perfect for their needs. In addition to this, many also have to convert a section of their homes into studio space. This decision may not be progressive and could easily take the fun and zeal out of the artistry experience.

Art Community

Enrolling in an art school exposes new artists to a community of brilliant art lovers and artists. This allows the student to not only learn from their professors but also some of the other brilliant minds in their class. Students also establish a community of friends and art-heads whom they can call on for peer reviews on their latest pieces. Art communities not only offer motivation and criticism but also help each artist become better. Artists can leverage the enabling environment offered by the community to learn and improve their craft.


Art schools are famous for holding art events regularly. As a newbie or budding artiste, nothing is as inspiring and motivating as entering into art competitions and putting your work on display for others to marvel at. There have been many students of art schools whose careers took off after participating in such events as this. With an art school, the path to success may be a lot easier. Students also have a chance of becoming a sensation in the art world and getting recognition for their works earlier.

Internships And Job Opportunities

Art schools are often affiliated with art galleries and other establishments that offer internships and job opportunities to students. High-performing students may be rewarded with jobs while others can also leverage internships to build their portfolio in the art world.