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“Is freeze dried dog food better than raw?”

Picking the right food for the dog has become a more complicated task than shopping for human meals. With various dog food formulas and brands available in the market, picking has become a tedious task for pet owners. Whether you must go for non-GMO, grain-free, organic, or wet food items has left pet owners in flux. There is a new option available in the market, and that is freeze dried dog food items. They are gaining increasing popularity because of their convenience. However, most individuals are unaware of this new option. They don’t know what it is. Moreover, pet owners are cautious about whether these food items are safe for their dogs or not. It is time to evaluate the nutritional value and safety of using freeze-dried dog food items.

What exactly is a freeze dried food item?

Since long human have been freezing food items to preserve them for a long time. Till today, the astronaut ice cream has remained the prime example in this regard. However, the global freeze-dried food industry has seen an increase in its revenues in the last few decades. By 2024, the profits are going to move up to 85.3 billion dollars. Like the human version, freeze-dried dog food items have lower moisture content because of the freezing temperature and different drying processes.

Hence, the resultant object is a dried material with a long shelf life and average nutritional value. Remember that freeze-dried dog food items are very different from raw dog foods. Unlike the fresh alternative, freeze-dried food items undergo HPP or high-pressure processing. Moreover, the pasteurization process helps decrease bacteria quantities that add to the overall shelf life of the food item. Hence, you can look at freeze-dried dog food items as a viable alternative for your pet.

Different types of freeze-dried food items are available in the market

After looking at the freeze-dried versus raw food item tussle, it's time to delve into the different categories of freeze dog food items available in the market. Remember that these food items are not dehydrated foods. There are different formulations in which freeze-dried products are available, encompassing high protein, moderate to high-fat content, and other varieties. Moreover, you will find legumes, potatoes, and non-veg items. There is also a large number of different combinations with suitable protein content.

The benefits of this item

For pet owners who are cautious of the health and well-being of their dogs, you can rely upon freeze-dried dog food items. Very different from raw meat, these commercially available formulas will give your pet a balanced meal. Since they undergo various processes, it is a standard formula that does not compromise nutritional value.

They are known for their organic ingredients, high quality, and effect on the health and well-being of the pet. Hence, if you are serious about your pet and want to provide them with a wholesome meal, you can count on freeze-dried food items. As a pet parent, be cautious before choosing an alternative, but it is not a problem to switch from different options once in a while.