Is Durban Poison Dangerous?
July 06, 2021

Is Durban Poison Dangerous?

Is Durban Poison Dangerous?

Did you know that almost all marijuana grown and consumed throughout the 1960s and 1970s were sativa landtrace strains? Back then, the vast majority of cannabis plants originated in India and spread throughout Asia and down the east coast of Africa. From there, it would be quite some time before they were imported to North and South America.

This resulted in a wide variety of strains being named for the locale in which they were grown. Examples of this include Hindu Kush, Thai, Afghan Kush, and a special strain known as "Durban Poison".

Cannabis strains are no strangers to odd or interesting names. Nonetheless, anything one considers putting in their body that has the word "poison" in its name will obviously ring some alarm bells. This brief guide on the Durban Poison strain will help break down some of its unique history and qualities.

So...Is Durban Poison Dangerous?

Short answer: Absolutely not!

The "poison" moniker is simply a, um, let's say "playful" nod to the strain's strong psychoactive effects when compared to other sativas. As mentioned above, Durban Poison is a landtrace sativa boasting one key distinguishing quality: its very high THC content.

Most balanced cannabis strains will often have THC levels somewhere within the range of 6% to 12%. Though varying, Durban Poison's THC normally falls anywhere between 15% and 26%.

As for the "Durban" portion of its name, there is a bit more backstory to tell.

History of Durban Poison

The Durban Poison strain originated in South Africa's port city of Durban. Marijuana has been cultivated in Africa since approximately the 1300s, spreading far enough south to be enjoyed by indigenous Khoikhoi, San, and Bantu groups of South Africa. That makes for multiple centuries of no one ever thinking to refer to it as "poison"!

However, it was not until the 1970s that High Times columnist Ed Rosenthal traveled to South Africa to seek out new cannabis strains. In his research, he found some cannabis seeds with a very fast flowering time of sixty days. He brought them back with him to America, and thus "Durban Poison" was then named and popularized.

Durban Poison Strain Characteristics

As those who began cultivating it in the 1970s soon learned, Durban Poison seeds are a safe, reliable, and fast strain of cannabis seeds to grow. Its plants reach approximately twelve feet in height and can be grown at room temperature or in semi-warm climates. The plants' flowers reach maturity in roughly nine weeks, producing a very high and consistent yield for growers.

Buds of Durban Poison weed are round, thick, and compact. While its leaves are an earthy shade of green, it is highlighted by orange pistils and a white haze of crystalline trichromes. The abundance of THC crystals makes it feel sticky to the touch, while also making it a great strain for gathering resin from concentrate.

Durban Poison bears a scent that is both sweet and earthy, almost like the smell of pine trees. It contains the terpene D-Limonene, known for giving citrus fruits their sweet aromas. When burned, its smoke is particularly thick, its strong smell resembling sweet licorice.

Durban Poison Effects

It goes without saying that, on a broad scale, the cannabis being consumed in modern times is not like the cannabis that was consumed in the 1970s. However, because it is an original landtrace strain, Durban Poison effects resemble the more natural cannabis of a bygone era. It remains a staple of a time before widespread human tampering, when cannabis strains started to become mixed and crossbred.

Sativas like the Durban Poison strain often provide more of an active, daytime "head high". Even so, Durban Poison users compare its effects almost to those of espresso. Users often report a noticeable boost in energy accompanied by a lift in their spirits.

The high is said to be "crystal clear", without any residual feelings of sluggishness, lethargy, or absent-mindedness. As such, it can provide motivation for creative activities as well as routine chores. It can also be a good choice for parties and social gatherings, remedying any potential social anxiety.

Many even find its more active, stimulating, and euphoric effects particularly medicinal. It is reportedly very effective in combating depression symptoms. Its high inspires an attentive yet meditative calm, allowing users to savor smaller details of the world around them. A portion of users also prefer it for alleviating physical ailments such as chronic pain and headaches.

In terms of drawbacks, the most common side effects are either a dry mouth or dry, red eyes.

Many enjoy Durban Poison's CBD oil as well. Those who prefer its CBD are able to enjoy its positive, energizing effects without any debilitating high. Durban Poison CBD oil can be comfortably purchased and vaped without any resulting feeling of intoxication.

Try It Out Today

As you can see by now, there is nothing about the Durban Poison strain that is a fraction as menacing as the sound of its name alone! In fact, it is a trusted and beloved cannabis strain for those who like to stay active and make the most of their days. When you consume Durban Poison, you are quite literally tasting a cherished piece of cannabis history.

If you are interested in trying out Durban Poison, be sure to do so through a reliable dispensary or trusted online source. Despite any reviews, various strains of cannabis can still affect everyone differently. Healthy moderation and discretion are always advised.

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