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Introducing Kids to Surfing

If you happen to live near an area that has good surfing, you can be sure that your children will want to give that a try. That is great if you know how, but even if you don’t there are ways you can encourage your children’s interest in surfing, without needing to learn it yourself. If you prefer to stay on the beach, you can still teach. Here are a few tips to help your children have a real surfing experience, without too much frustration.

  • Equipment: It is not necessary to buy a new board and wetsuit just to get an experience. It might be best to rent some equipment, to make sure that your child is interested enough to continue. Soft boards are usually recommended for beginners, and long boards are easier to ride. The rental guys should give you some advice on matching boards to body size and experience level. Another option is to start out with a body board or boogie board. Body boarding is less complicated and less expensive. A Google search will help you find the best prices on bodyboards in Australia. These can also be rented. Body boarding is a similar experience to traditional surfing.
  • Learn About the Waves: If your child has not had much experience in the water, you might start out just playing in the waves. Try to outrun the waves in the shallows, or getting on a boogie board to pick up a wave close in to shore. Make sure they have a life jacket.
  • Research: We live in an era where we can benefit from the experience of experts for free, from the comfort of our own homes. Surfing videos are an excellent place to get information and examples of how to surf and how to get better. Have your kids watch some surfing lessons so they can begin to see what’s all involved.
  • Practice in the Sand: The techniques of paddling and getting up on a board can be tried out from the beach, where you will be able to help them get good positioning and they can try different stances.
  • Get in Deeper Water: If you think they are ready to try standing up. Get into water that is waist deep for you and have them try paddling and getting up on the board where you can still help them out.
  • Make it as Easy as Possible: Give your kids every chance for success so their confidence will grow. When it is time to hit the waves, keep to small surf. Try to get them a long stable board and make sure it has a fresh coat of wax so they can get a good grip.

In the best possible world, you will be out there with them, but even if that isn’t possible. If you have taken the steps to prepare to ride their first waves, they should be able to have some fun and eventually some success. There are few sports that involve so many positive aspects. The waves are part of the living earth and to ride them is to share its power. If nothing else, surfing is always great exercise in a beautiful place.