digital invoices
December 01, 2021

Instant Invoices: 5 Tips to Make Fast Payment for Your Business

Businesses function to generate a profit. As the marketplace becomes more competitive, generating this profit challenges many. To overcome these challenges, business owners look for ways they can save time and money. They need to accomplish this without sacrificing productivity or customer service. An online invoice service becomes of great help in achieving this goal. 

By sending digital invoices, a company finds tracking financial information becomes easier and cash flow improves. However, the company may wonder if the expense is truly worth it. What are the benefits of using this software to simplify accounting processes?

Brand Identity

Brand awareness remains crucial in today's competitive marketplace. Business owners find they can add their logo, font, and color scheme, website to the invoice program to reinforce the brand with each document they send. This boosts the odds of payment being remitted in a timely manner. In fact, studies show the inclusion of the logo increases payments by three times. 

The business may use the invoice for purposes other than billing and get more from the investment. Use the invoice to send a customized message or alert the customer to a new product or service. Share a link to helpful content that the customer will find or value. The messages help the brand by demonstrating its expertise and personality. 


Companies find sending invoices manually consumes a significant amount of time and uses valuable resources that may be better used elsewhere. Invoicing software considerably reduces the time needed for this task, as an employee only needs to open the program, choose the client to invoice, and input the necessary information related to the work done for this individual. The entire process is complete in a matter of minutes. 


In addition, businesses find they can establish recurring invoices for long-term clients. They eliminate the need to input the information manually each month and can set up a subscription-based business model. The system handles the rest. 

The system automatically sends reminders when payments are coming due and alerts a customer if they have missed a payment deadline. This reduces the risk of a client falling behind without adding work to the administrative staff. They no longer need to follow up with clients to obtain payment. 


A business owner might hesitate to move to online invoicing because they are concerned about the security of doing so. When choosing an online invoicing provider, ensure they adhere to PCI Security Standards. The process of being cleared to get the standards is rigorous, so companies can feel confident knowing the provider has implemented advanced security safeguards, offers SSL encryption, and more. 

Furthermore, all information remains in the cloud. Customers cannot say the invoice was lost in the mail, and companies no longer need to worry about the computer crashing and the loss of all information. The system saves all information and stores it in the cloud for an added layer of protection.


A business owner might question the money spent on an online invoicing program. However, they need to calculate the amount they are spending sending paper invoices. In addition to the manpower required for this task, they also spend money on paper, ink, and postage. The supplies cost drops significantly when online invoicing is selected and less manpower is needed to carry out the task, so the business saves money. 

Every company should look into online invoicing programs. The benefits extend far beyond those mentioned above. When a company makes a move to this system, they find operations improve across the board. Try it today to see how it can help your business grow.