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Inspirational Tennis Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational Tennis Quotes and Sayings

Reading inspiring and motivational quotes from people you look up to or sayings you can relate to is something that would automatically help you kickstart the day. You might not realize it, but these positive messages give out bright energy in your body, allowing you to see the world a little differently than before.

For everyone who enjoys playing tennis, may it be as a hobby or as a profession, listed down are some of the most famous and most inspiring tennis quotes that will surely bring out a burning passion and motivation to face every obstacle within.

So, be ready to pick up your rackets, step up your game, and be inspired.

Famous players once said:

  • "I can't be satisfied because if I am, I would say, 'Oh, I've won the Wimbledon competition and the US Cup. . Now I can unwind." But when I relax, players will be striving to defeat me." - Said one of the most respected women in the field of Tennis, Serena Williams
  • For the people who see tennis as just an easy sport, Rafael Nadal has something to say; "Tennis, more than almost any other sport, is a mental game."
  • Winning is important, especially in sports. It provides a sense of fulfillment. But, you know what makes you more satisfied? Andre Agassi has an answer for you; "You'll hear a lot of compliments in your career, gentlemen, but not any of it will mean as much to you as those from your friends."
  • Competitions can get pretty tough inside the court, but when things get heated up, always remember what Novac Djokovic said; "Once the final score is completed, we go back to being "humans." Give your opponent a warm hug, tell them; "Great battle." That's all there is to it."
  • Want to forget reality for a while and de-stress? Goran Ivanisevic believes that; "It's much simpler to learn on the court. You express your feelings. You yell. You scream. You couldn't care any less. You get to have fun."
  • Too scared to take a step towards your passion and goals? Roger Federer made a brave move, and here's what he has to say; "When you devote your everything in something you love, you don't want to give it up - and tennis is that for me."

Something to help you keep a strong head:

  • If you decide to achieve something in playing tennis, you might as well take into heart what Arthur Ashe said; "Self-confidence is a crucial factor in achieving success. Preparation is a critical component of self-assurance."
  • Not every day is your lucky day, and no matter how eager you are to win, there are real instances where things don't go the way you want them. This is why it's important to appreciate what John Mcenroe said; "Perhaps the most essential characteristic of a tennis superstar? I'd have to say "determination to remain in there and win games when you're not performing well."
  • Losing your morale just because of an unsuccessful match? Recognize that you should not be too harsh on yourself; "A defeat is only a hiccup along the path, not a foregone conclusion of your life."
  • We know. It's hard to think so positively when the world makes you feel like you're not good enough. But, you have to realize that a legend is not born overnight. It takes so much more than what we could imagine, and Miss Serena Wiliams experienced it firsthand. To quote her, "I've grown the most through failures, not triumphs." If God's prize is winning, then defeat is how He teaches us."

The court may be a scary place, and the possibilities even petrifying. But, this doesn't mean you're not worthy of picking up a racquet and fighting to have the advantage. Do you want to play? Do it. Do it boldly. Take every setback and make an even greater leap forward. After all, as Sam Stosur said, "It's never too late to begin playing tennis!"