Inspirational Ideas To Give Your Home A Vibrant Makeover
October 19, 2021

Inspirational Ideas To Give Your Home A Vibrant Makeover

We all long to live in a home that we feel comfortable and at ease in; it is where you spend most of your time, after all. And because your environment has an impact on your overall health and mood, there's plenty of good reasons to invest in a home makeover project. And you don't have to remodel your home to switch up the interiors either.

If you're hoping to give your home a makeover and make it beautiful, there are several ways to do this. Focusing on curtains and your color choice is essential, while lighting is too. That said, if you enjoy vibrant living spaces, you might be wondering how you can achieve a clean and neat, colorful home interior while avoiding results that seem cluttered and chaotic.

This can be something of a challenge for a vibrant space, as overdoing things even a bit can overwhelm the overall appeal of the room. So, we've listed some inspirational ideas for you to consider.

Inspirational Ideas To Give Your Home A Vibrant Makeover

Add Heritage Accents

Adding heritage pieces such as displaying an Irish American flag neatly in your entrance hall or living room, or using Irish wall plaques, is a great way to decorate your home with little bits of your lineage.

This is a unique way to personalize any space to make it entirely your own. There are many heritage decor items out there; regardless of whether you are Irish, Scottish, or any other nationality, you can find many lovely historical memories to decorate your home.

Play With Textures And Not Just Colors

When giving your home a vibrant makeover, you might feel inclined to focus mainly on your use of color. However, you can play with a variety of textures as well. This will add depth and variance to any room.

Playing with textures is exceptionally fun as well, as you can pair a chunky knit throw with a large velvet scatter cushion or use any other textures you are fond of for a similar effect.

That said, when using a variety of textures, focus on scatter cushions, curtains, throw blankets, and area rugs. In the living room, the fabric of your sofas can also be mixed and matched in terms of both texture and color for a vibrant space.

Use Touches Of Nature As Statement Decor

While you can use pot planters with a variety of indoor plants of your choice to decorate your home with nature, you can consider more impactful statement ideas as well.

Hardly anything out there can make as much of a vibrant statement as an indoor botanical wall. These are fantastic decor ideas, as living walls take accent walls to a whole new level.

If the idea of a botanical wall intrigues you, there are a few ways you can create such a marvel in your home. The more straightforward option is to use a large bookshelf to store your greenery in their planters. However, you'll get a much better effect from allowing creeper plants to grow directly onto the wall.

You could also install floating shelving with a variety of draping indoor plants. A few good choices include spider plants, devil's ivy, a string of pearls, and so many others. Indoor plants are also a great way to boost your mood, as nature offers us so many benefits that there's really no reason not to keep them in your home.

Invest In A Contemporary Area Rug

A colorful contemporary area rug can instantly brighten up any space. However, it is best to use these in the living room, bedroom, and dining room.

There are tons of color varieties to choose from when it comes to contemporary area rugs. And they are the best choice for a vibrant home interior as contemporary designs are exceptionally artistic and creative. In most cases, abstract color splashes are a great choice.

Switch Up Your Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions can be pretty pricey if you're redoing your living room area. However, you can save quite a bit if you only replace the cushion covers instead of purchasing whole new cushions.

What's more, if you enjoy crafts, you might even be able to sew your own scatter cushions and save a small fortune. That said, when choosing new scatter cushions for vibrant interiors, opt for colorful tones and play with both patterns and textures, all while being careful not to overdo things. Furthermore, cushion size is another factor that you can use to add depth and variety to your sofas.

It is preferable never to add more than five to six cushions on your sofas, as too many scatter cushions can easily overwhelm a living room.

Throw Out Excess Decor And Clutter

Throwing out all your excess decor and clutter will instantly transform your living area. Clutter can build up enormously over time, and too many decor additions can make a space seem much smaller than what it is.

You also have the option to donate or sell your unwanted goods that are just lying around and gathering dust. Someone else might find it of great use, so throwing it out is not always the most sustainable option.

Once you have cleared your home of all the excess, you will have a clean slate to work with. What's more, a minimalist approach to decorating and living is the best way to ensure your interiors are always neat and tidy; minimalist homes are pretty easy to clean.

Using Minimal Bold Accents

Regardless of how you decide to add color to your home while giving the space a vibrant makeover, you should consider using minimal, bold accents.

Choose your color palette carefully to ensure all your color choices flow well and compliment one another. Furthermore, you should also use a similar palette throughout your entire home.

Decorating to achieve vibrant interiors can be a bit tricky, as this is an easy interior trend to overdo. Although, if you make each purchase carefully, envision your goal, and use bold accents in smart ways, you can achieve the home of your dreams.