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Ingredients You Should Check When Buying CBD Sticks

With the growing popularity of cannabidiol, several variations of CBD products are available in the markets today. Edible CBD products like CBD sticks offer a delicious combination of CBD with any flavorful substance, such as honey.

CBD sticks offer the benefits of both the substance and cannabidiol. However, before you purchase this edible, it is crucial to check for its ingredients. Make sure to confirm if the CBD stick contains the ingredients safe and favorable to you. Here are some of them.


While a CBD stick is bound to have cannabidiol as one of its main ingredients, it is essential to check the amount it contains. Choose a CBD stick that contains the dosage suitable and beneficial without causing any side effects. Some users prefer milder doses, while others like to take a heavier dose.

CBD for the sticks comes from natural extracts of a hemp plant. Look for the sticks that infuse pure CBD to get the same benefits as full-spectrum CBD. Additionally, you can ask about the source of the hemp plant. Make sure that it grows in a safe area relying on safe agricultural practices.


Make sure to check the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) content in a CBD stick. Sticks with CBD from a hemp plant usually contain low levels of THC. While CBD is legal in most states, THC remains illegal in some. Make sure that the THC content in the sticks is 0.3% or lesser for legal use. A CBD stick with THC of 0.3% or lesser does not have any psychoactive effects. You can use it anywhere and anytime safely.

If you wish to buy or use a CBD stick with higher THC concentration levels, you have to be in a state that legalized cannabis for recreational use. It may be federally illegal in many states.

Other Compounds

Apart from CBD and THC, the stick contains other compounds from the natural hemp plant. These include several kinds of flavonoids and terpenes.

Terpenes are plant compounds with health-boosting and therapeutic benefits. They also add fragrance to a CBD stick to produce a calming effect. Meanwhile, flavonoids that you also find in some fruits and green tea come with therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties.   

By checking and choosing the level of compounds in a CBD stick, you can gain several additional benefits.   

Other Useful Substances

Most CBD sticks also contain other substances to provide more benefits to you. These can include MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oils and melatonin. MCT oil often comes from palm oil or coconut oil. It helps in boosting your energy and immunity levels.

Melatonin can alleviate sleep-related issues. Make sure to look up the substances that the stick contains and avoid harmful substances. For instance, a CBD stick with glycol, vegetable glycerin, and propylene may not be healthy for your body. Some sticks may come with artificial flavors that are not harmful but may not be very useful either.


A honey CBD stick is among the most popular and beneficial ones. Pure CBD with all the natural extracts of a cannabis plant infuses into honey to produce these delicious sticks. You can easily suck on the sticks or dissolve them into your hot beverage to taste pleasant honey and CBD flavors.

You get the combined benefits of honey and CBD. Some of the essential benefits of a honey CBD stick include reducing nausea, stress, anxiety, and lowering inflammations. You can use a CBD stick that contains local, organic honey to make it more effective.

CBD sticks are portable and convenient to use anywhere. Make sure to look for safe, legal, and useful ingredients to get the best benefits. Flavorful ones, such as a honey CBD stick, offer both a sweet taste and the benefits of both honey and CBD.