How to Wear Soccer Jersey the Right Way? (When You are Not Playing)
November 16, 2021

How to Wear Soccer Jersey the Right Way? (When You are Not Playing)

Soccer season does not last long, but that does not mean it loses its significance? A good soccer jersey can always be worked into your usual wardrobe, just like your other clothing items. You just need to know how to accessorize and carry it off well. Here are a few tips that will help you wear Soccer Jersey the right way.

1. Pick your Jersey:

This should be the first step. Honestly, it makes sense if you really are a soccer fan and have a team picked up. If not, you should at least like the sport and have some knowledge of it, or else, it will really look lame if someone tries to start a conversation regarding soccer with you when you are half-knowledge about the subject. There needs to be a solid foundation built before we proceed anywhere further. If you have been a lifelong supporter of a team, then great or else take your time to find a team you wish to support before you go to the next tip.

The field version of the jersey may look extremely form-fitted, as it is for the players who are athletes. Let us be honest. Most of us may not be in our best shapes, which is why getting a super tight t-shirt will not really make us look appealing to others. You need to also remember that jerseys are made of polyester fabric, which shows your true shape if it is really fitted. This only means you should get a replica version from Elmont Youth Soccer which will fit you more like a regular t-shirt than a bodysuit and usually costs less.

When we say replica, it does not mean they are fake. Replicas are jerseys that are licensed but not form-fitting. They still fit great looking like everyday t-shirts. They are comfortable to wear and easier to maintain. You can wash it easily too, without worrying.

2. Make It Look Casual:

The most important thing you should remember while wearing a jersey is that you are not a player; hence, do not try to look like one. These jerseys are usually very colorful; therefore, it helps to keep the bottom a little muted so that the jersey catches all the attention.

You should go for casual attire such as wearing darker color jeans or sweatpants. The jogger can also be a great option if it is not too baggy. Steer clear from bright colored bottoms as of now. 

When we talk about shoes, you should really keep it casual and not go for anything that looks formal. Avoid even loafers, as they will look odd. The best option is to get a funky pair of sneakers to complete the outfit and make it look cooler.

3. Accessorize:

While a jersey with the right pants will look great, why not accessorize it further by adding an appropriate jacket to it? The right jacket style can take the jersey to new heights. You would want to opt for a jacket with full frontal zip as you will wear it with the zip open. The focus still needs to be on the jersey.

We hope these tips will help you wear your favorite jersey in the right way, and you can work your jersey to be an outfit just like the rest of the clothes in your wardrobe.