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How to Upgrade Your Home By Skirting Boards Installation Perth

Nowadays, everyone is applying a skirting board or baseboard in homes. The skirting boards are made of plastic and wood. Soft and hardwood are used to build a skirting board. It covers the lower part of the walls and makes it more beautiful.

The skirting board is also known as mopboards and floor moulding. If there are spaces in between your home walls and floor you can remove these spaces by applying skirting boards.

Cover all the uneven surfaces of your floor with the help of baseboards and give an innovative look to your home. You can apply it by yourself and contact with an architect for this work. If you want to be informed about Skirting Boards installation in Perth, then keep on reading.

What is Skirting Board?

A wooden or vinyl material used to join spaces between walls and floors is known as Skirting Board. The mopboards or baseboards add a decorative and beautiful look to your home. It makes the surfaces smooth and shiny.

Screws and glue can apply these boards. The best way for skirting board application is to use high-quality glue. Many types of glue are available you can use them.

How to apply Skirting Boards Perth?

Are you ready to install a skirting board to refresh your home? I will guide you properly how to install skirting board Perth to the walls.

Choose a Skirting Board:

First of all, choose a skirting board that matches the paint colour of your walls and ceiling. If you choose a skirting board without matching, it appears rough and ugly.

It's hard to choose as there are many types of skirting boards available. The most prominent type of skirting boards are bullnose and square MDF.

Skirting Boards Installation Perth

Before applying skirting boards, you have to take a few steps. Whether you are repairing your home or want to bring a new look, measure the length of walls to buy skirting boards.

  • Prepare the Surface:

Get ready to install the skirting board. Remove all the dust from the walls so that it adheres to the surface firmly. If you are going to replace the old one, use a knife to scrape it from the walls.

  • Measure the Skirting Board:

Now measure the skirting board and cut it. Cut the boards according to the length of the walls. Place the mopboard with the wall, mark it with the help of a pencil, and then cut it.

  • Fit the Skirting Board:

When you have cut the skirting board, place it with the wall and fit it perfectly. Press the skirting boards firmly. Use glue to fix the baseboard in the right position. Screws can be used to fit the skirting board.

  • Use Sealent:

With the help of sandpaper smooth the sharp corners of the skirting board. You can use a sealant to fill the spaces. Apply the sealant with the help of a gun and fix the board with the walls properly.