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How to Smoke Weed & Cannabis Extract | Guide

What is weed and cannabis, and why do people smoke them

Nowadays, people have started to use different kinds of herbs to smoke besides traditional tobacco. The usage of different herbs has allowed people to try different smoke flavors. Some of the most widely spread herbs that people have started to smoke have been weed and cannabis, scientifically known as Cannabis Indica.

These types of herbs are used for numerous reasons - one of them being for medical use as it acts as a pain reliever. However, people have started to enjoy smoking these herbs for their own enjoyment.

To smoke these types of herbs, companies have started to develop new products that provide people with an easy access to smoking different types of herbs and cannabis. One product that companies have made available for people is the usage of water pipes or bongs, which are commonly used to smoke cannabis.  As the demand for bongs started to increase, a variety of Tsunami glass bongs became available in the market alongside other brands. The variety of glass bongs allowed people more personalization when choosing a bong, making them feel more connected to the product.

Even though smoking these types of herbs may not be legalized in some countries, people have witnessed some benefits while consuming the herbs. For instance, some have started to smoke weed and cannabis to relieve their anxiety and stress, as the herbs can alleviate people’s nerves. On the other hand, as the herb can act as a reliever, it has had positive effects in curing insomnia and lack of sleep for some people.

Hence, even though people may think that smoking these herbs might be considered bad for the health or addicting, it is important to understand that consuming them in reasonable amounts can have positive effects and can cure some mental and physical problems for people. 

What to use to smoke herbs

As mentioned above, companies have developed numerous types of products to provide people with a way to smoke cannabis and weed - one of them being the glass bong. 

Different types of materials are used to create bongs - such as ceramic, plastic, and even copper. However, the most user-friendly bong is considered the glass one as it allows people to easily clean the tool and has a longer product life-cycle than the other types.

On the other hand, companies have also developed an even easier tool for smoking herbs, which is operated fully automatically. In other words, to use a bong, people are required to feel the bong piece, the water chamber, and afterward, light the herbs manually each time they want to smoke. However, when using the automated device - which is called a vaporizer (vape) - people can smoke their desired herb at any moment, as long as the device is charged.

Hence, it is important to understand whether you prefer to go through the process manually every time you want to smoke - which is more enjoyable for some people - or use the automated version before investing. 

What essentials will you need to smoke weed using a glass bong

If you decide to go with the manual version of smoking weed, it is important to invest in a bong that fits your preferences. Since there are numerous types of bongs available in the market - whether the materials used to create it or the shape of the bong - you will need to set some preferences and base your purchase on them.

After purchasing the bong, you will need to get access to the herbs that you would like to smoke. You can choose from numerous flavors, so ensure to get acquainted with the different flavors and purchase the one that has the most delicious flavor.

Since bongs do not have a heater installed inside the bowl container, you will be required to have a lighter or a torch available. Additionally, to fill the bowl piece with the herbs, you first need to grind the herbs to get maximum flavor when smoking; thus, ensure a grinder is available before smoking. 

What to take into consideration before smoking herbs

As mentioned before, some countries have not yet legalized the usage of weed and cannabis. Hence, if you decide to smoke weed or cannabis, ensure you do it legally. On the other hand, some countries have adopted a law allowing smokers to have a certain amount of these herbs available on them - and if the amount is exceeded, it will become illegal.

Additionally, it is important to consider your health when using herbs. To further elaborate, people with health problems might be unable to smoke the herbs without experiencing any side effects. Thus, ensure your health will not cause you to experience any side effects of smoking the herbs


To conclude, to smoke weed and cannabis, ensure you use the right tool for yourself, understand how to use it, and consider your health and whether the herb is legal in your place of residence.

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