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How To Rent a House In Bangalore?

12.7 Million! Yes, that is the number of people that live in Bangalore and adore it! When you reside in India's Silicon Valley, you are truly "one in a million." It is said that where you live determines how you live. However, if you've ever gone house searching, you'll understand how difficult it is to locate such a rental and live in! We understand. That's why we've compiled a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know and do before booking single rooms for rent.

Bangalore is a metropolis that sees tens of thousands of new residents each year. It's only fitting that we've taken house-hunting online as a start-up and IT hub. Here are a few websites and Facebook groups where you may look for rental homes in Bangalore. Get on the internet and start renting!

What is Bangalore's average cost of living?

Aside from the monthly fee, there are other charges that will arise before to, during, and after your renting time. Working these fees into your budget and strategy is a smart idea. We've covered everything from the minimum deposit and set-up expenses to broker fees and maintenance fees. This will also help you decide whether you want to live alone or with flatmates in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, where should I stay?

The neighbourhood you rent in Bangalore might influence your way of living. You'll need to consider a few crucial things before deciding on a location.

Commute every day

Is your place of business in the heart of the city? Is it in Bangalore's IT district? Consider the location of your office, as the majority of your daily trip will be between your leased house and your workplace. Given Bangalore's unpredictable and congested traffic, you should reside no more than 5 kilometres from your workplace. Makes daily commuting simple and quick!

Locality and area

If you're new to Bangalore and searching for a property to rent, a residential area or perhaps a gated society is the ideal option. If you rent a property in an area free of markets, noise, and pollution, you'll have a much easier time settling in. Wouldn't it be wonderful to return to a peaceful and quiet environment? Make an informed decision!

Convenience stores and other conveniences

If you're relocating to Bangalore on your own, you'll want to be close to everything, from public transportation to the nearest BDA building. Are you relocating with your family? Think on how close you are to decent schools, parks, and convenience stores. This huge city has something for everyone!

Yes, we just told you not to dwell in a very populated market area. However, you should also consider the distance between you and the nearest market. While Bangalore is replete with start-ups that bring whatever you need to your home (BigBasket, Dunzo, Grofers), having a market close for last-minute shopping requirements is always a nice thing.

Recreational and leisure activities

Bangalore is recognised for its vibrant nightlife, which includes a plethora of pubs and lounge bars. It's either that or throw a home party! You wouldn't want to travel for an hour merely to get home after a night of partying. And if the party is in your home, you don't want your guests to cancel because your location is too far away.

Where can I look for properties to rent?

Brokers in real estate, or should we call them real estate ninjas? While you may want to avoid brokers while looking for a home, they may be a fantastic resource for locating a range of properties to rent in Bangalore. Brokers demand a commission/fee of up to one month's rent since they make the entire process of locating a home so quick and easy. However, you should be wary of frauds and schemes perpetrated by impostor real-estate agents.

Should I rent a property that is furnished or one that is unfurnished?

Yes, it appears to be more convenient to move into a furnished home with all of the furniture, appliances, and amenities already in place. While it is simpler, it is also more expensive! Add to it the possibility of losing your deposit due to minor scratches and stains. When you rent an unfurnished flat, you not only save thousands of rupees, but you also have the option to equip it with the furniture and appliances of your choice.


If you find a home in a gated community, it's likely that it comes with additional amenities and services, such as a swimming pool, gym, sauna, park, and 24 hrs power backup. Tenant's associations, in addition to these, guarantee a safe and stress-free living environment in society. Get to know the rules of life in a civilization so you don't get caught off guard later! Request the guidelines from your broker or landlord, or just look them up on the society's bulletin board.