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How to relocate your pets to Singapore with the help of a pet relocation company

To enter Singapore with your pet, you must avail of the services of a pet relocation company conversant with the procedure of exporting and importing pets to Singapore. Singapore has its own rules and regulations about allowing pets into the country according to the kind of pet. While the rules for importing pets to Singapore are more or less similar for cats and dogs, it is pretty different for importing birds as pets. The company's role that offers pet relocation services is critical to ensure that the pets are comfortable in the company of the handlers that take care of it right from the time of boarding the aircraft until reuniting with their owner at the new destination.   

It is also the responsibility of the pet relocation company to guide clients and work closely with them to comply with all necessary travel and health documentation and other health requirements. Moreover, importing pets to Singapore entails that the pets spend some time in quarantine before reuniting with the family. The pet relocation company helps its clients with proper guidance and assistance to get things done on time to ensure a safe and smooth journey.

Obtain an import permit

It is mandatory to obtain an import permit for your pet to enter the country, and a dog license is also necessary. However, domestic cats do not require any license. The pet moving company handles the task of obtaining the import permit and pet license on behalf of its clients by meeting the timelines. However, you must apply for the important license only after booking a lot in the quarantine center by matching the travel date so that the pet can walk into the quarantine center directly after landing in Singapore.

Book a slot at the quarantine center

The pet relocation company helps its clients book a slot for their pet at the quarantine center as it is mandatory to spend a specified time in quarantine after the pet lands in Singapore. The Singapore Sembawang Animal Quarantine center is the only place for housing all animals that have to undergo quarantine.  The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore takes charge of all animals entering Singapore and ensures that it undergoes quarantine for between 10 and 30 days as per law. The duration of quarantine for your pet depends on the country from where you are traveling. Pets that travel from low rabies or rabies free countries like the UK, Australia, and Switzerland are exempt from quarantine.

Veterinary requirements

Your pet must have a clean health record for entering Singapore, and according to the pet laws of the country, it must undergo some blood tests and have a proper rabies vaccination. In addition, the pet must have undergone appropriate treatment for external parasites and take rabies titer taste. Two rabies vaccinations are compulsory for cats and dogs that must even carry a microchip. Distemper vaccine is mandatory for dogs as cats must have the FVRCP vaccine.

Country specific requirements include government endorsed documents for pets traveling from Canada and the USA.