How To Prepare For University Studies
September 24, 2021

How To Prepare For University Studies

School, university choice, and admission are behind you. You are a student now, and you are about to start classes. We advise you not to waste time and learn how to prepare for university. We will share some of the secrets.

How to prepare for university: the main stages

 For any event, you need to prepare in advance and gradually. Preparing for university studies is no exception. Before the academic year, we advise you to set up morally, learn the necessary information and buy the necessary things. 

Preparing to study: a psychological mindset

 An important factor for successful study - moral readiness. The first-year student must realize that he is no longer a schoolboy, to whom both teachers and parents have forgiven much, but a student. This status implies a certain level of independence and responsibility. Morally, it is easier to tune in to study at university by talking with friends-students. Ideally, they should be at the same university you apply to. They can honestly tell you about your experiences, exams, and so on.

How to prepare for university: gather information

 The founder of a dynasty of millionaire bankers Nathan Rothschild is the author of the aphorism " The one who has the information, has the world". This idea has not lost its relevance today. The more you know about your university, department, and major, the easier it will be to study. Start gathering information from the Internet: read reviews of teachers, ask about the location of buildings and classrooms. This will help you remember the names of teachers more quickly, and you will not be late for classes. This will help you understand what you need to be prepared for and, if necessary, use essay help.

Preparing for university: the material aspect  

It is important not only to adjust psychologically and learn new words. Studying at university requires the purchase of many items that make a student's life easier: 

  • stationery (thick notebooks for notes, lots of pens, etc.); 
  • equipment (laptop, printer, flash drive); 
  • comfortable clothes (including sportswear) and a roomy bag; 
  • special tools and instruments (depending on the specialty: medical, drawing, etc.).

How to prepare for medical school

Studying in the first year of medical school is not too different from studying at other universities. You just need to buy uniforms (gown, cap, shoe covers) and instruments (tweezers, phonendoscope, scalpel, etc.). And, of course, prepare yourself for the fact that you will have to work not only with information but also with biological material: laboratory animals, anatomical specimens. As a medical student, you will also  have the opportunity to observe the  duties of licensed doctors known as pre med shadowing. However, those who faint at the sight of blood would hardly choose this kind of University, so extra psychological preparation is unlikely to be useful.

How to prepare for university: secrets

In addition to general tips, there are also specific best practices. 

  • Find out if there are sections of interest at the university and sign up for the one that is closer to you right away. It is not only interesting leisure but also new (and often useful) acquaintances. 
  • Download apps on your smartphone that make studying easier: schedules, alarm clock, calculator, translator, etc.
  • Master useful skills: blind typing, speed-reading, quick memorization. It will save you a lot of time which will come in handy very soon.