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How To Make Friends at University – Even During Lockdown

Are you used to being a social butterfly? Perhaps you’re an introvert who finds approaching new people a challenge? Whatever the case may be, lockdown has certainly made it much harder than it used to be to make new friends.

University is a time to be social and make lifelong friends, but if you’re spending your academic year in lockdown, how are you expected to do that? Here are our top tips for making friends at university – even during a national lockdown!

#1 Take it outside

At the moment, shops, restaurants, pubs and clubs are shut as are all other non-essential places where before you might have met and socialised with new pals.

But all is not lost.

Just because these places aren’t open at the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t get outside with a friend. Sure, it has to be a socially distanced walk and yes, you can only do it with one other individual, but that has to be better than nothing, right?

#2 Take to social media

Social media can be a fantastic way to make long-lasting friends, and most universities have social pages and groups where students can meet, chat and make plans!

Whilst plans may be on the backburner for now, socials can still work as great platforms to meet new people. Even better, if you’re naturally quite shy and reserved, meeting friends online first before you have a real life meetup can make it more comfortable and less daunting.

#3 Take an open door approach

2020 was difficult for everyone, and with 2021 starting off on a similar footing, you should take comfort in the knowledge that all students are feeling it at the moment.

The good news is that if you are currently alone in lockdown and spending it at your student accommodation in Liverpool, you can still bubble up with fellow flatmates, so taking an open door approach can make making new friends much easier.

So, if you’re just chilling out in your room, why not prop the door open, and don’t forget to engage others in conversation when they’re passing by!

#4 Take to zoom!

It’s our third lockdown here in the UK, so we’re pretty much Zoom pros by now but whilst it may be overdone, it’s still one of the best ways to connect with friends and loved ones.

So, if you’re looking to make pals, why not be the virtual host with the most and organise a Zoom party? You can invite friends but get them to each invite a friend of their own – the perfect opportunity to have a catch-up whilst meeting new people at the same time!

If you’re like so many other students struggling to form meaningful connections during lockdown, be rest assured that normality will resume, eventually. In the meantime, try out our tips for making lockdown in student accommodation in Liverpool bearable.