How to Install, Clean, and Reuse an Acrylic Sneeze Guard for Desk Use
September 22, 2021

How to Install, Clean, and Reuse an Acrylic Sneeze Guard for Desk Use

Amid a worldwide pandemic, maintaining healthy and sterile environments should be everyone’s priority. Whether you’re in school, working remotely, or in an office – safety should be your first concern. That’s why PPE tools like acrylic sneeze guards have become extremely popular. Here’s a complete guide to installing, cleaning, and reusing these guards.

Understanding Acrylic Sneeze Guards – Why are They So Popular?

The best sneeze guards are made of acrylic or plexiglass. As a material, acrylic is transparent, foldable, shatterproof, and extremely versatile. These guards are also called “splash shields.” Users can install these guards to create barriers between them and the people surrounding them.

The acrylic/plexiglass sheet and guard industry is worth over $4 billion. This market is growing at record speed because countless businesses have mandated the use of acrylic sneeze guards at workplaces. Plus, these sneeze guards are easy to clean and disinfect. They can block countless harmful germs and bacteria and be reused every day.

How to Install Sneeze Guards?

Installing a sneeze guard for desk use is very easy. Buyers receive clear instructions or directions with their sneeze guards. The installation process takes 10-20 minutes maximum. You can either purchase -

  • Standing Sneeze Guards - These guards come with either triangular or rectangular legs. Users must attach all the individual pieces in their proper places. After installation, shake the guard to guarantee it’s stable.
  • Hanging Sneeze Guards – Hanging sneeze guards are more space-efficient. But, they’re also slightly harder to install. Users may need to install wires, cables, ropes, and hooks above their counter space to install hanging sneeze guards.

How to Buy Sneeze Guards?

The best way to buy sneeze guards is by ordering them in bulk online. Bear in mind – sneeze guards and various other PPE tools are currently in high demand. Buyers may have to wait for weeks before receiving their sneeze guards. The orders may not be available in the future. So, buy sneeze guards in bulk to get massive discounts and guaranteed deliveries.  

How to Clean Sneeze Guards?

Regularly cleaning your sneeze guards will make them last longer and stay clear. Frequent cleanings will keep the acrylic sheets shiny and transparent.

  • Use microfiber cloths to remove all fingerprints, dust, dirt, etc., from the screen guards’ panels.
  • Rub the microfiber cloth gently to avoid creating scratches.
  • Re-clean the dry surface of the guards with a wet cloth. Dip the cloth in soapy water.
  • Spread the soapy cleaning agent across the entire surface of the guard.
  • Dry the guards and polish them with microfiber cloths. Polishing acrylic eliminates the risk of future scratches/stains.

What Not to Do When Cleaning Screen Guards

  • Never use paper towels as they cause scratches on sensitive acrylic surfaces.
  • Avoid cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals (e.g., ammonia-based products) as they can make transparent acrylic surfaces look cloudy.
  • Avoid using cleaning agents that contain acetone, isopropanol, methyl, or ethyl. These alcohols cause micro-fractures on acrylic surfaces, causing the guards to deteriorate rapidly.

Repeat this cleaning process once/twice every day. You can reuse your sneeze guards as many times as you want.