How to Identify Authentic Head Shops and What Pitfalls to Avoid
September 29, 2021

How to Identify Authentic Head Shops and What Pitfalls to Avoid

A modern headshop offers many items, from glass pipes and bongs to ashtrays and vaporizers. It would help if you were armed with the knowledge to separate the fake from the real when you go into one of these stores.

Once you've identified an authentic place like the AtomicBlaze online head shop, it's essential to take the time to research what you're buying. There may be more items on sale than what you might see anywhere else in headshops. There are many different types of glassware out there, and sometimes it can be hard to tell what's authentic and what isn't. Look for the following pitfalls.

False Marketing Scams

When identifying an authentic head shop, the first thing to analyze is if they advertise their products excessively. If they do, that's probably a red flag.

Head shops exist to provide customers with specific types of paraphernalia; if they sell everything online, they wouldn't be able to offer you the same selection in-store. Fake websites often put out advertisements asking people to "Like" or "Follow" them on Facebook (fake head shops will usually include their name with the word 'head shop').

Authentic sellers like the Atomic Blaze online head shop typically do not advertise this way; it's common for them to have a "Contact Us" page up but no other way of contacting the company.

Authentic Head Shops Will Have a Large Selection

An authentic head shop has a wide selection of glassware for smoking and vaporizing, often with many different pieces from various manufacturers available.

A well-curated collection is a must to provide customers with the opportunity to purchase authentic paraphernalia. For this to happen, a head shop must have an ample supply of pieces. The shops faking their identity will often sell items in quantities that do not allow them to offer a well-rounded collection.

True headshops exist so that individuals can have an opportunity to purchase authentic glassware. However, there are some shops out there that will carry more pieces than they need so they can convince people to buy something without being able to offer a wide selection of authentic items.

Authentic Head Shops Will Be Transparent

An authentic head shop is an establishment that does not want to rip people off. When you buy something at an authentic head shop, you'll most likely see that most of their prices are comparable with the rest of the market.

If there is a specific piece they're trying to push; they'll tell you why it's better than what they're offering (for example, "This is a three-hose bong that offers twice the smoking capacity of any other piece in our shop").

If you're at an authentic head shop and their prices are significantly higher than what you can find online or elsewhere in your area, they may not be who they claim to be.


If you're unsure about where the piece you've chosen has come from, try asking for a serial number or looking up as much information as possible. Serious head shops will be happy to give you as many details as possible about your purchase so that you can feel confident with your purchase.