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How to Handle Purple Stems When Growing Your Cannabis

Growing cannabis is a worthwhile endeavor. It is fascinating watching the cannabis plants as they mature and go through each stage of growth. Just like when growing other plants, there are risks to growing cannabis. Growers sometimes see their plant stems growing purple. Knowing what causes this color change and how to combat it is important for cannabis growers of all experience levels. 

What Causes Purple Stems When Growing Cannabis?

When a cannabis grower notices purple marijuana stems, they often begin to panic. It is important to note that not all purple stems signal health problems with a cannabis plant. Some cannabis strains naturally have purple colorations in the stems and leaves, including Purple Haze and Purple Punch. Sometimes, purple stems are a sign of underlying issues that need to be addressed by a grower. 

Anthocyanins are found in many plants, including cannabis. These purplish pigments may turn stems and leaves blue, purple, or red. Although much of a cannabis plant is green in color, due to the large amounts of chlorophyll it contains, some parts of the plant can turn a purplish hue, especially in some strains. This is generally nothing for growers to be concerned over if the plant is otherwise healthy. 

When Should Growers Worry About Purple Stems?

Cannabis growers should be concerned if their stems turn purple and their cannabis plants are showing other signs of problems. Sometimes, purple growth will occur along with inhibited growth. If a cannabis plant is not growing well and its stems are turning purple, these issues may be due to a lack of phosphorous. Phosphorous deficiency needs to be handled right away. Testing the soil and determining the right vitamin additions is helpful. 

The pH of the growing medium can also signal problems with purple stems. This problem often goes hand in hand with phosphorous deficiencies since the wrong pH can prevent a plant from absorbing proper amounts of phosphorous. With pH testing kits, cannabis growers can test their soil and ensure the right pH level is achieved. If the pH is too high, growers can flood the soil with a pH-balanced nutrient solution that should take care of the problem right away. 

What About Problems With Watering?

In some cases, purple stems can result from overwatering, which prevents cannabis plants from absorbing phosphorous. Cannabis growers must be careful to water their plants sufficiently, without overwatering, which can lead to health concerns. Ideally, methodical watering schedules should be followed, especially for new growers who may not know the signs of water deficiencies. 

Do Not Worry Too Much About Purple Stems

Although it can be shocking to see purple stems on a cannabis plant, this is generally not an issue that should warrant great concern. For some strains of cannabis, purple hues are simply a natural occurrence. As the plants mature and their light needs change, the purple colors may begin to fade. 

The most common issues with purple stems come from a lack of phosphorous, which can be caused by multiple issues, including soil pH and overwatering. By taking care of these issues promptly, cannabis growers are likely to see healthier growth and disappearing purple colors in their stems. 

Growing cannabis is exciting and allows growers to ensure they are producing the highest quality possible. Before planting cannabis seeds, it is wise for new growers to research and learn as much as possible so they will grow healthy plants that produce beautiful buds.