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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

After many years of advocacy, voters in Missouri legalized the use of medical marijuana in 2018. This ballot initiative won more than two other conservative competing measures. These measures surprised many people in Missouri. However, 66 percent of voters’ approval also sent a strong message that the war on marijuana is over.

Medical Marijuana

Amendment 2

Voters in the state were considering three different proposals to legalize medical cannabis. All three aimed to legalize the possession, purchase, and use of cannabis for medical purposes.

They would also allow Missouri to establish a regulatory framework for licensing medical marijuana dispensaries. One of the proposals, Amendment 2, passed, thereby legalizing medical marijuana and imposing a 4 percent tax on all cannabis sales. The state will use the revenue to fund healthcare services for veterans.

An Easy Way to Get an MMJ Card in Missouri

This post aims to educate potential patients on how to get a medical marijuana card in Missouri. If you are hoping to join the MMJ program in Missouri, there is an easy and fast way to do so. The state’s legalization law is a constitutional amendment. Therefore, it does not leave much room for any roadblocks or delays, which is good news for medical marijuana patients. There are some local marijuana laws to be aware of too.

Some organizations are making the MMJ card application process even easier. They make it possible for people to schedule an appointment with a certified medical marijuana doctor at the most convenient time for them. Patients simply need to provide their medical history and book an appointment.

If you have an approved medical condition for medical marijuana from the previous testing, you only need to provide your medical records. Your doctor’s consultation will take less than 20 minutes, during which he or she will evaluate your symptoms or ailments. You are free to ask any questions regarding the therapeutic benefits of the drug.

Afterward, assuming the doctor approves you for medical marijuana treatment, he or she will fill out a recommendation form. Within two days, you will receive an email copy of the document, which you can use to apply to the state. However, you will still need to prove your residency to qualify for the state’s MMJ program.

Getting Approved

Once the state approves you for the program, you will be able to register and submit a medical marijuana application. The state will process your request and inform you of your approval, assuming your application was successful. They will mail you your medical marijuana card, and once you get it, you can start buying from licensed dispensaries in the state. You can even find top strains that encourage weight loss.

As a medical marijuana patient in Missouri, however, you need to re-certify your license each year. To do this, you simply need to visit a licensed MMJ doctor again. Under the state’s medical marijuana law, doctors and registered caregivers can legally grow up to six cannabis plants and buy at least four ounces of medical marijuana from licensed dispensaries every month.