How to Distress a Hat
June 18, 2021

How to Distress a Hat

Sometimes we yearn for the fancier things in life, but most days, don’t we love basking in the comfort of our worn-in stuff? From cuffed-up sneakers to tattered jeans and vintage baseball caps, a special kind of love was given to these old things. But what if you want to see that kind of worn-out, comfortable look without waiting years? How can you speed up this process for hats?

If you want to age your hats like fine wine, it’s possible. You can easily distress them without a hassle. Just follow these steps below and we’ll guide you through the process. 

Be Careful

Like any other DIY projects you will embark on in life, it’s essential to take caution when you plan to distress your hat. Your goal is to make the hat look vintage and worn out, not completely beat up. While the process may seem that you have to wear it down aggressively, that’s not the case. Just take things slowly and be patient. 

Tips on How to Distress a Baseball Cap

Over time, any of your baseball caps can look vintage already, but if you want to achieve that worn look fast, listed below are the following steps on how to do it. 

Keep in mind that you need to use a washing machine for this.

1. Check What Materials the Cap is Made From

Fabrics play a significant role in whether a hat can be distressed or not. Usually, cotton, cotton blends, and polyester are good for that. On the other hand, leather, silk, and cashmere might not endure it. 

2. Pop it in the Washing Machine

To get that aging look, take your baseball cap to the washing machine for two to three washing sessions. Using cold water is more recommendable, as hot water can damage your cap more than you’d expect. After this step, you should be able to achieve that faded look. 

3. Bring Out the Big Guns 

In this step, you’ll need a pair of scissors and sandpaper to create the fuzziness and slight damage we want to achieve. 

Gently sand the first layer of your baseball cap in a circular or straight motion. Then, use the scissors to cut some holes or rips on the brim of your cap or wherever you want. When you’re done, you now have a vintage and worn-out baseball cap. 

Tips on How to Distress a Wool Fedora

Just like with baseball caps, washing does wonders to break in a wool fedora. However, there is also another method to make it look older. Here’s what you should do: 

1. Make a Saltwater and Oil Mix 

To get that oily look that wool fedoras have after years of touching the brim, mix saltwater with oil (preferably olive oil) in a spray bottle. Then, shake it well before spraying it on the brim and some parts of the hat. 

2. Twist the Fedora and Use Rubber Bands 

To achieve the worn creases and folds on your fedora, twist it in any way you want to. Then, tighten it with rubber bands. Leave overnight, and it’s done! You now have a vintage-looking wool fedora.