Room For a Teenager
February 14, 2022

How to Create Room For a Teenager?

The life of a modern teenager is extremely busy - studying, hobbies, entertainment, and self-expression. The room should correspond to the active lifestyle of a young man or girl. How to make the interior meet all the needs of a growing child? About this, we are going to speak in the article.

Room For a Teenager

Zoning of space in a teenage bedroom

A room should be multifunctional and meet all the requirements of completely different aspects of a teenager's life. How to make that the boundaries between rest and study, entertainment, and sleep won't be blurred? Zoning will be an excellent solution.

Zones can be separated from each other in different ways. One of the most popular solutions is the division of zones using spotlighting on the ceiling. Another widespread option is to use the different wall and floor trims for different zones. Finally, a stylish solution will be a system of racks or shelf transformers. This option will allow not only to zone the space but also to create additional storage space.

Finishing and materials

When arranging a room for a teenager, it is worth paying attention to eco-friendly, moisture-resistant, and durable materials.

Paint and wallpaper are the most popular finishing options for children's and teenage rooms. The main advantage of the paint is high wear resistance. This is especially true not only for children's rooms but also for many teenage rooms. As for the advantages of wallpaper they are cheapness and environmental friendliness.

When choosing wallpaper pay attention to the washable one with a dirt-repellent coating. Laminated chipboard is one of the most popular options for making furniture for children's and teenage rooms. There are a lot of advantages of it: its stylish and presentable appearance, a large assortment of shades and textures, and durability.


Proper lighting is an extremely important thing for a teenage room. It will not only help to save good vision but also to create a special atmosphere. You need to choose lighting according to the size of the room, the side that the windows overlook, and the size of the window. There should be several light sources: a common ceiling light, a table lamp in the work corner, a sconce or a lamp near the bed, and a small light decor like garlands.

General lighting evenly illuminates the whole room, and together with the table lamp the light will be diffused and will not "hit the eyes" while working. Lighting near the sleeping place will allow the teenager not to strain his eyesight during evening reading, and small decorative light sources, like garlands or small lamps, will create a special cozy atmosphere.

Furniture for a teenager

A teenager's room is not just a child's corner, but a full-fledged bedroom. This means that it will be right to purchase a bed and orthopedic mattress. Moreover, the bed often becomes the center of the composition.

An equally important thing in the room is a desk, as teenagers devote a lot of time to studying. Comfortable and versatile Hamptons desks will be a great option. Furniture for a teenager should be stylish and functional, and it is especially important that it does not lose its relevance when the child grows up.

Choosing a style

Teenage girls and boys often have their own tastes and interests, which must be taken into account. For teenagers, the room is a part of self-expression, therefore, the choice of style should remain to the grown-up owner of the room. It is very important to give a teenager the right to choose: by doing it, you show him that his opinion is important for adults. So, give the child a chance to sense his value and teach him to make decisions.

Choosing a color scheme

Determining the color scheme, it is necessary to focus on the chosen style. Each one has well-established color and tonal combinations. For example, the classic style is characterized by light, milky, restrained shades, for the loft - dark and neutral colors with bright accents are peculiar, for Scandinavian – light, grayish-white, and woody natural tones. Another important criterion when choosing a color palette is the location of the room relative to the cardinal direction. In the "southern" rooms, cold tones are appropriate, whereas in the "northern" ones - warm.

The main thing in choosing the color is, of course, the taste of the child – if a teenager does not like the color, then even the most reasonable tonal choice from the point of view of other criteria will be a failure.

Another important point: it is worth avoiding using colors of the same palette – colors can reveal themselves only through a competent combination, through the contrasts that they can create. Colors are alive when they highlight and balance each other.

So, in this article, we told you what you should pay attention to when creating a room for a teenager. Remember that the room should be bright, warm, and cozy, and the child should like it. Good ideas and beautiful rooms!