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July 04, 2023

How to Continue Driving in Style When Your Budget Takes a Hit

Being a motorhead is a pricey thing to be. Driving in style, especially in luxury, requires a huge financial upfront cost and even more ongoing costs. If owning a Ferrari California T is your dream, however, then you absolutely should invest and go for it. You can even jump up from one purchase to another if you’re a restorer simply by taking on projects, fixing them up, and selling them until you can comfortably afford your dream vehicle.

Most people, however, aren’t restorers. Most have to buy their dream luxury vehicle, either new or used, and try to hope they get a good deal along the way. If your budget takes a hit, unfortunately, that can mean luxury purchases are the first to go. Just because you need to downsize, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to continue to drive in style.

First, Sell Your Luxury Vehicle for a Great Price

The first step to downsizing your budget is going to be to sell your Ferrari California T. This is particularly important if you bought it new or it’s rarely used. The money you can get upfront and in cash for your vehicle is going to be important later. Sell your vehicle for as much as possible upfront, and then use that money to help you continue to drive in style later.

If You Want a Vintage Vehicle

If your ultimate dream is to own a vintage Ferrari, then you’re on the right track. The only model that is entirely out of your reach is the latest range. To get that vintage set of wheels, or at least just a second-hand model for less, you’re going to want to be patient.

  • Finding Restoration Projects

  • The best way to get a vintage vehicle is to look for wrecks. These vehicles are going to need a lot of restoration work, but so long as the main body is still there, it doesn’t matter so much else about the rest. Finding a useful skeleton is hard, so keep an eye out and be prepared to buy fast and in cash.

  • Finding a Restorer

  • Unless you can restore the vehicle yourself, you’ll want to find a restorer to do the job for you. These people are incredibly passionate about vehicles and will do their best to bring your project vehicle to life. You will want to be patient. It can take time to source all the parts, and demanding full-time effort out of a restorer is a costly endeavor, so patience is how you’ll save and bring your vintage car to life. 

    If You Want a Newer Model

    If you want a newer model, your options are going to be either to buy used at the end of a quarter or year so that you have the highest negotiating power (not to mention the cash). You can alternatively rent a Ferrari, which is a particularly great option if you constantly want to drive the latest model.

    All of these options will help you continue driving in style, even if your budget needs rearranging due to a financial hit like a job loss or debt collection. You don’t need to give up on your dreams; you just need to be a bit more creative in how you see them come true.