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How To Configure a Video Doorbell

When you buy a new home, one of the first things that you'll probably do is install a video doorbell to monitor who's coming and going. But if you're new to this concept, or just don't know how to set it up, we've got the quick and easy steps for you.

Configure your video doorbell

If you are new to the world of video doorbells, then this guide is for you! In this article, we will walk you through the process of configuring your own 5ghz video doorbell. We will also provide some tips on how to improve your security and peace of mind with this new technology.

First, you will need to decide what type of video doorbell you would like to purchase. There are a range of options available, including indoor/outdoor models, with or without face recognition, and with built-in or external storage.

Once you have chosen your model, the next step is to install it. This can be done by yourself or a professional, depending on the size and complexity of the installation. Next, you will need to configure your camera and sensor. You can do this by accessing the app on your mobile device or computer, or by accessing the camera directly via an Internet connection.

Set up motion detection and add a trigger

Setting up motion detection is essential for a video doorbell. When a person or object moves in front of the camera, the system will send an alert to your phone. You can configure the motion detection to be sensitive to people or pets.

To add a trigger for your motion detection, you'll need to create a rule for your system. This rule will tell the video doorbell when to send an alert. There are several options for triggers, but one common option is when someone rings the doorbell.

To create a rule, open the Settings menu on your video doorbell and click on Rules. On the next page, you'll see a list of rules that are already configured on your system. To create a new rule, click on the + button and fill out the information required for your rule.

One common type of rule is called "Showing People." This rule will send an alert whenever someone comes within range of the camera. To add this type of rule, select "People" from the trigger options and enter the address or name of the person you want to receive alerts from.

Create a custom notification message

When you set up your video doorbell, you will want to be able to see and hear who is at the door. In this tutorial, we will show you how to customize the notification message that is sent when someone presses the button on your doorbell.

To start, open the Ring app on your phone and go to Settings -> Notifications. From here, you can choose which notifications you want to receive from the Ring camera.

Next, select Doorbell from the list of notifications and tap on Edit. You will now see a list of all of the cameras that are connected to your account. Find your video doorbell in this list and tap on it.

Select Custom Message from the menu options and type in a message that you would like to appear when someone presses the button on your video doorbell. Be sure to include your address so that people know where to go if they want to visit you!

Final Words

The video doorbell is a great addition to your security system. It allows you to see who is at the door, and can be used to trigger alerts or actions in your home automation system. Be sure to read the instructions that come with your doorbell for best results. And remember to keep your security system up-to-date so you can identify and address any potential threats.