How to Choose a Sofa Cover That Looks Great, Feels Great, and Lasts Long
September 16, 2021

How to Choose a Sofa Cover That Looks Great, Feels Great, and Lasts Long

Sofa covers can not only protect your sofas and keep them in good shape for years but also keep your living room looking fresh and up-to-date. If you are considering buying a new sofa set, you need to buy slipcovers that complement your home décor and keep your investment paying off for a long time. Some handy tips for picking sofa covers for your home:

The Material

Unarguably the most important aspect of choosing a cover for your sofa is the material. You can find sofa covers in a large variety of fabrics and other materials, ranging from comfortable cotton to microfiber, velvet, latex-backed cloth, synthetic fabric, and even faux leather and genuine leather. Each of them has its unique appeal, looks, texture, and feel, so you should choose one that you like but keep in mind the demands on it. If you have small children or pets, you may want something you can clean with a simple wipe.


The sectional sofa covers you choose should ideally be medium weight. A very light material can keep shifting, while a heavy material can be difficult to put on, remove, and wash. However, if the sofa is used a lot, it is wiser to pick a heavy material as it will wear better. However, if you are buying the material and planning to stitch them at home, you should make sure that your sewing machine is up to the job.


The feel of the sofa cover against your skin is not only dependent on the kind of material but also its texture. Almost everyone likes linen as a material for sofa slipcovers; however, you may find it somewhat scratchy if you want something smooth. On the other hand, chintz and satin have a smooth feel but are considered cold by many. Fabrics with a dull appearance like wool, velvet, or chenille can feel soft and comfortable, but since they absorb light can look dull unless you pick something bright. Crisp fabrics look great on sofas but don’t mold well to the curves on the furniture.


Even if you don’t have kids or pets running around and jumping on the sofa, sofa covers tend to get dirty over time. You should be able to easily wash your covers at home to make them spanking new again. If your covers see high traffic, you can chuck them into the washing machine once a week to make them clean. It is important to make sure that the fabric is colorfast and pre-shrunk before machine washing it, according to The Spruce.


If your sofas are placed in a place where they are exposed to bright sunlight, they will fade soon due to UV radiation. In such as case, you may want to buy light-colored covers instead of dark-colored ones or ask the supplier to give you a material that has been UV-treated to prevent fading. You can also inquire about other treatments that prevent staining or resistance to flames; however, make sure to air them well before putting them on your sofas to get rid of the smell of the chemicals.