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How to Choose a Lace Wigs

The lace closures are more popular than silk frontals. Lace-based frontals have closely resembled your natural scalp. While the frontals made up of silk are less demanding and do not look natural as your scalp. Lace frontals look to be the most demanding hair extension trendy and replace traditional methods for installing hair extensions or wigs and bundled hair. Most women demand this method because it is easy to the hairline and look more naturally without the hair looking an actual wig or extension. Many frontals are even made up of baby hairs to give it an even more natural look. 

How to Choose a Lace Wigs

The lace wigs are of different styles and different sizes according to the fashion. Choice of the correct lace wig or extension means to choose cheap front lace wig, high quality and with long timing and durability suitable for your head and suitable according to your skin color and tone

Before buying the wig, we have to think about whether you have to buy 13x6 or 13x4. These are the two standard sizes of the wigs popular in the market.

The advantage to purchasing a 13x4 lace wig:

13x4 lace wig is also called 13x4 hair closure. It is a closure piece made up of human hair and base used in the front to make a full head. The size of 13x4 means 13 inches across and 4 inches of back

The 13x4 medium brown lace frontal wigs are made up of medium brown lace; it is called the lace front human hair wig for black women because of the lace color, here we are talking about the hair color suitable for black women. The 13x6 transparent lace front wigs are also called the lace front wig for white girls because of the delicate lace. But nowadays, fine lace wigs are equally trending with both white and black ladies. It gives the most natural-looking appearance, although the 13x4 lace wig is a human hair wig as the ear-to-ear lace front of a human hair wig.

If we talk about cost, the cost is essential to consider when selecting the best lace wig. As we know that the lace used to sew in the lace front wig. Wigs that are made from Brazilian hair are the highest quality wigs, so the cost of the 13x4 human hair wig is much cheaper than others if you want to consider your budget, then you have to consider the different cost of the 13x4 affordable lace wig.

In our search, before getting your lace wig or extension, you have to work out the following points: essential for everyone.

The donor of the hair

There are various wigs, such as wigs with full lace, with front lace, closure wigs, BOB wigs, color wigs, and customized wigs. Full lace wigs as the name show made of a fully laced theme, other hand frontal lace wigs are not fully laced. These types of wigs or extensions are more versatile and expensive because you can adopt more styles with these wigs. The hair on a single donor full lace wig comes from one single donor. It is cut carefully using handcrafted Japanese titanium blades scissors for sharp precision cutting. This method ensures the hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction for minimal tangling.

Do you know what is meant by Remy's hairs

The term Remy is often translated into different meanings, and it's often used in marketing and selling purpose generally mislead the clients into thinking that they are taking best grade hairs

Remy's hairs are more expensive than non-Remy hairs because of their natural look due to the tedious process that the hairs go through to damage the cuticle. Usually, virgin hairs are the hairs that have been minimally processed to protect the integrity of the hairs has the cuticle intact

Remy hairs are smoother, shinier, and have a healthier appearance than non-Remy inches. They have a fantastic look even after washing multiple times.

Non- Remy hairs: do you wonder why Remy's hairs are less expensive than Remy's hairs. Non-Remy hairs are the hairs with no roots. The cuticles run in both directions. It requires higher acid concentrations, eventually resulting in low moisture, leading to dry straw-like hairs. To mask this, some manufacture heavy silicon to make the hairs shine and healthy, but beware as soon as you wash the hairs, the silicon comes off, and the hairs matte into a colossal mess. Some companies will go so far as to guarantee until you washed.

Now the next thing you have to think about before buying your wig or extension "The lace of the wig."

Lace of the wig

The lace of the wig is the base of the wig. There are different kinds of lace wigs. The lace of the wig covers the head ear to ear. And also cover the back of the head. These laces decide the size of the wigs. The two major and standard sizes according to lace 13x4 and 13x6.

Front lace wig:

This type of wig is made by machine. It is a fully laced wig from ear to ear to give a guanine and stylish look. The natural-looking hairline gives you the natural look and it looks like the part of your scalp naturally. As these wigs are made of lace and their base is fully made of net so they are expensive than other types of wigs. these wigs don't cause hair loss and hair damage to the users, so they are reliable and easy to use. Even you can use these wigs on your natural hairs because they are safe to use on natural hairs. These wigs or extensions are easy to wash and easy to install. These are generally made from the hairs of the babies so these are soft and smooth from start to end. That's why these are used for a stunning and stylish look.

360 lace wig

From the beginning to the end, these wigs are generally designed with thick lace all-round the hairline. They're well attached to the base of the wig. It makes the wig appear like it's growing from your scalp. As the name given to these wigs, these have a circular shape and human hairs are knotted in the circle by hand to give this more attractive look. Another benefit of these wigs is, they are made of machine-made highly stretchable wig caps. These caps are bonding with the lace edge.

Full lace wig

This is the other kind of wig that is fully laced from one end to the other end. As it is fully hand-tied stylish and flexible so it gives you a more realistic look than any other. It is a glue-less wig. It is made of 100% human hairs knotted in its cape by hands. This wig is a standard Remy lace wig, on the top of the crown there is a stretchable strip of lace. You can wear this in the hot season also as its base is breathable it is available in all sizes and all colored in market. It can be separated at any place and pulled into a ponytail and other hairstyles.

Transparent lace human hair wig

In this type of wig, the lace is transparent; the regular lace is usually skinny, favoring it to more invisible at your skin to look like your own scalp.

Ordinary lace wig

Please pay special attention to the ordinary lace wig's hairline and its brown color when going for it. Because these two points are the weak points for this type of wig

HD lace wig

It is one of the types of Swiss lace that is much lighter, soft, and more delicate than others. It usually looks more clear than standard lace. It can melt into your skin more perfectly and makes the hairline more invisible.

Artificial scalp wig

These are great summer options. The fake scalp is sewn into the wig's front section. You don't have to put a sock hat under your beautiful wig.

Inner headgear

This section gives you the information about inner headgear of wigs

A headgear is any clothing element, that is worn on the head to cover it. Common wears headgears are hats, caps, hoods, etc.

Wig caps are a great way of protecting your natural hair. Although optional, the cap acts as a protective barrier between wig and hair, and they are brilliant at keeping your hair in place under the wig. They are an inexpensive and effective way of protecting your natural hair.

These headgears are used for some of the following purposes

  • Safety from rain hot and cold weather.
  • to keep hair controlled
  • decoration of hairs according to fashion
  • spiritual ceremonies
  • decency; social gatherings
  • hiding alopecia
  • for a badge of office

But here we are giving information about the use of headgear in wigs

Wigs are manufactured hairs that will be worn to camouflage hair loss or a portion of an outfit. In most countries, paramount wigs are too worn by officials and other authorities as an image of the office.

Good air permeability quality

Do you know that the excellent air permeability quality means the headgear's excellent air permeability quality for a wig?

Good air permeability is a fundamental property of non-woven materials. It is an essential property of separators because the separator's gas flow must be sufficient to allow the oxygen gas. It is necessary that when you buy your wig headgear, you should check and confirm that it should have air permeability quality and give an excellent grip to your scalp for wigs. So when you buy the inner headgear, it should be good air permeable.

Safety measure of wearing wig cap or headgear

Then check the safety of your headgear, either it is safe to wear or not. The customer's most questions are that is it safer to wear the wig every day or not?

According to your health condition, the answer to this is before wearing a wig cap or inner headgear. Sit tightly on your head can cause the blood flow to your scalp to be reduced. Massaging your scalp can overcome this drawback, as it promotes a healthy blood flow and encourages your hair to grow. Try and do this each time you take your wig off. We don't recommend sleeping in your wig - it can inflict tension on your hair and cause breakages. Give your hair and scalp a chance to breathe overnight by taking your wig off. It can go a common way in protecting your hair throughout wearing a wig.

The key to healthy hair is keeping it clean. Even if you're wearing a wig every day, it's imperative to make sure you are shampooing your hair at least once a week, but this varies depending on how hot or sweaty your scalp gets throughout the day. Sweat and product can build up over a few days, so you should make sure your hair is always clean before putting a wig on. It is healthy care maintenance that shouldn't be ditched when wearing a wig!

It might be that you choose to wear a wig all day, every day, and assume that you don't need to trim your hair as much as a result. However, it's still essential that you have a regular trim to remove split ends and damaged hair. Trimming your hair keeps it healthy and promotes growth. Generally, hair should cut after every 6 to 8 weeks.

Where to buy these wigs

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