How to Boost Your Laptop’s Speed for Typing the Assignment Faster?
September 22, 2020

How to Boost Your Laptop’s Speed for Typing the Assignment Faster?

How to Boost Your Laptop’s Speed for Typing the Assignment Faster?


Are you as productive as you could possibly be when typing your assignments? Some will tell you that you cannot write your essays on time because you’re too distracted. But even when you’re fully focused, you might not be able to work as quickly as possible.

Students often get affordable laptops. They sacrifice the performance for the sake of an affordable price. Who could blame them? With tuition and endless living expenses, they have to make peace with whatever they can get.

The question is: can you boost the speed of an average laptop enough to make your typing faster?

How to Boost a Laptop’s Speed for Improved Performance

  • Uninstall All Unused Apps

How many programs or apps have you installed on your laptop? Are you using Grammarly, DayOne, and other programs that have their online versions? You don’t even use many of them. It’s time for a big clean-up.

Go through the entire list of apps on your laptop. Uninstall all that you don’t use or you can replace with online work.

Let’s talk about the movies, games, and other large files you’ve piled up on your laptop. It’s time for them to go. They consume too much memory, which affects the speed. By removing them, you’ll improve the machine’s processing power for tasks that are actually important.

  • Ditch the Bloatware

Windows laptops are notorious for bloatware, which might be the reason why your word processor freezes in the middle of a sentence. When you can’t work fast enough, you find a natural solution: you can get assignment writing service for cheap from a pro writer. Before doing that, you might consider boosting the performance of your computer. Maybe you’ll be more inspired to work when you fix your laptop.

The easy way to remove bloatware is to go through all programs in the Control Panel and delete the ones you don’t need. If there are too many programs installed, this will be a long process. But take your time; you’ll free up tons of space and make your laptop faster.

  • Turn Off Unnecessary Startup Tasks

You just got an idea and you want to start typing as soon as you turn the laptop on. But if you’re waiting too long for the machine to get in working condition, you end up frustrated. By the time you launch the word processor, you forgot what you were going to type.

When you turn on the laptop, several programs start running automatically. They slow down the startup process. After that, they keep running in the background, draining CPU usage. Not all of them are necessary.

  • If you use a MacBook, you can turn these processes through System Preferences, under Users and Groups. You’ll choose your user account and find the login items there. Go through the list and remove all unnecessary login items.
  • If you use a Windows laptop, you can get rid of these processes through the task manager. You’ll find the Startup tab under Settings. Go through the list and disable the ones that aren’t needed right from the start.

How to Boost Your Laptop’s Speed for Typing the Assignment Faster?  


  • Clear the Cache

Do you use Google Drive or any other online word processor? If the Internet cache is clogged, the website might be sluggish. Plus, you’ll have trouble opening up several websites to use them as resources. You get stressed while waiting, so you can’t maintain the logical flow of your thoughts.

Clearing the cache is easy regardless of the browser you use.

  • On Google Chrome, click More at the top right. Under More Tools, you’ll find these options: “Cached images and files” and “Cookies and other site data.” Click the boxes next to these options, and go with Clear data.
  • In Safari, find the Privacy tab under Preferences. You don’t have to clear the cache, since the browser deletes all cookies after visiting a website. But you have advanced options: Remove Stored Cookies and Data, Always Block Cookies, and Prevent Trackers from Using Cookies and Website Data to Track You. Activate; they are good for faster and more private browsing. 
  • Clean the Disk

A disk cleanup will remove the unnecessary files and programs from your laptop. It will instantly speed up all processes, including the use of a word processor.

  • If you use a MacBook, find Storage under About This Mac. When you click Manage, you will get details on the programs and files that take up space. You have a few options: Move Files to iCloud, Optimize Storage, and Review Files. You can also delete individual files during this stage.
  • Windows also has a default disk cleanup program. Launch it, and choose the driver that you want to run maintenance on. The process will begin once you click OK. At the end, the program will give you a list of all files that are taking up disc space. Choose the ones you don’t want and click Clean Up System Files.

Type Away!

Let’s be honest: it’s not just the laptop. It’s your ability to focus as well. But when you clean up your computer of all the junk and it gets faster, you’ll be able to work on your assignments without interruptions.

BIO: Elizabeth Skinner enjoys hiking, dog grooming, and writing. Writing is her favorite way to spend lazy evenings. Through her tips, Elizabeth tries to make writing more enjoyable for everyone.