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How to Be Fashionable While Pregnant

Of course, being comfortable is a priority. However, you don't want that to limit your style. You want to have clothes that don't just look droopy, but garments that can add some character to your overall appearance. Here are some ways to be fashionable while pregnant.

Understand Your Style

While you need looser pregnancy outfits, don't let that deter you from digging into your stylish ways. Pick articles that feel great on you and accentuate your frame at this current time. You don't have to put on tight-fitting stuff to show off your femininity.

Also, don't be afraid to mix things up with patterns and colors. If you like some polka dots, then wear that to help you keep a subtle appearance in your frame. Maybe solids are more your speed.

Pick something that you enjoy and match it with different items in your wardrobe. Always consider wrap tops and dresses because they're great whether or not you have a bun in the oven.

Get Breathable Fabrics

Comfort is a part of fashion. If you don't like wearing something, you feel less confident in how you sport the item. Consider getting cotton, wool, or some linen to help you prevent getting overheated.

Also, it can prevent a heat rash on the skin, which is uncomfortable in your delicate situation.

Not to mention, it's a good idea to invest in shorts, capri pants, and short-sleeved tops. Think about this on days where it's a bit warmer. You want these items to come with a maternity waist to help you grow into the clothing.

If it gets chilly, you can layer them with sweaters and jackets at your leisure. It's better to have layers you can easily take off than be stuck in an outfit that makes you feel like you're burning up.

Get Some Nice and Cozy Footwear

While you may be used to having a six-inch heel aesthetic, you might want to ditch that for some more comfortable wedges. You can still be dressy if the occasion calls for it, and it'll keep your feet from getting swollen.

If you like having something light on your feet, you can pack some flats in your bag. It'll take the pressure off of your feet, and these are a bit more flexible for your growing feet later in your pregnancy.

You don't have to put on boring maternity wear to stay comfortable in your pregnancy. Choose some fashionable items to accentuate your features while you go through this unique phase in your life.